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I mostly bounce around fixing articles linked to the community portal, or related to a topic I care about. In particular, I like doing translation tasks and copyediting. Lately, I've been doing a lot of work to help out with the New page patrol backlog, and there's a solid chance you're here to contest a PROD I put on an article in the new page queue. My current long-term project is improving coverage for Freedom of religion by country, one country at a time.


Articles created

What a daunting task

Full translations


Articles I've put a lot of work into

Articles that may or may not look great now, but that I once took from being near completely illegible to having halfway decent English



Reorganization and Copy Editing

Media reorganization

Added Content

Select XfDs


Hah as if I plan ahead

Stuff that I'm not satisfied with:

Small Things

Medium Things

  • Add DAB page for Semantic decomposition that differentiates between different uses of the term, and create stubs for missing uses
  • In Communist symbolism, the Other Communist Symbols section could use more pictures.
    • More symbols that could be added:
      • Depictions of socialist leaders, and especially depictions of Marx, Engels, Lenin, (and Stalin and Mao) "The 3/4/5 Heads".
      • Guerillero Heroico
      • Soviet Realism
        • If notable, the unique propaganda styles of other socialist countries
      • Space Race Imagery
  • History of Russian journalism needs info about journalism in the USSR 1953-1991. Right now it's written as if glasnost never happened.
  • Photojournalism in North Korea needs actual sources that aren't just Radio Free Asia and the Daily Mail

Big Things

  • Red star honestly needs a well thought-out reorganization of its sections.
  • Judaism and politics should probably have a section on anti-Semitism that explains both how Jewish political activity has changed in response to it, and how anti-Semitic tropes about Jews sometimes include political allegations (e.g. "Jews control X", "Jews are all Y who are plotting Z")
  • Abraham Cahan could use more information about his politics specifically. Time to go dig up old copies of The Forward
  • Religious test should have a more comprehensive overview of laws concerning religious tests by American state

Stuff that needs help that I'm not qualified to do

Expert attention:

  • Common ownership needs to have more examples, both historically and in modern capitalist economies.
  • Naushehra Pannuan attention from someone familiar with Punjabi history and cultures to clean up jargon, verify claims, add more sources
  • Pothuluru Veerabrahmendra attention from someone familiar with Hindu religious practices and historiography to clean up jargon, provide more sources
  • Judaism and politics needs expansion, especially for the sections on the Medieval and Modern era, and especially about non-Ashkenazi Jewish communities
  • Socialism with Chinese characteristics should have a better fleshed-out criticism section.
  • Religious test needs to reflect a worldwide view WP:CSB
  • San Miguel de Allende needs to have its landmarks section reorganized by someone familiar with the city, and possibly shortened
  • Jalil Mammadguluzadeh has some claims regarding the subject's history of feminist activism that I can't find English sources for, and whose Azerbaijani sources (to my cursory knowledge) seem unreliable

Articles to create

  • There doesn't seem to be any article on the use of the busts of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao as a symbol of communism i.e. the three, four, or five heads.
  • The US International Religious Freedom report mentions a constitution of Zanzibar but we don't have an article for it

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