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Hey there,

You're at my user page on Wikipedia. Perhaps you want to know a bit about me.

My full name is Ram Austryjak Moskovitz and I was born in Tel-Aviv Israel on February 22, 1970.

I graduated from Florida International University in 1994 with a degree in Computer Science and I am a class of 1987 graduate of Gulliver Prep School in South Florida.

Amy Beth Levin and I married on September 4 2004 at the Squaw Creek Resort near Lake Tahoe California. It was a perfect day for our out-door wedding and a great time was had by all.

I worked at VeriSign (originally called DCI) since I left my role as an engineering consultant to RSA Data Security in April 1995. My long-time friend Jason Paul and I were the first two engineers at VeriSign; Jason had worked at RSA since mid 1991 and referred me to an interview at RSA. I worked there for about three months augmenting the engineering team and authoring the help and documentation for RSA's first end-user offering "RSA Secure" an automated file level encryption tool for Windows.

In my time at VeriSign I helped develop VeriSign's initial SSL Client and Server PKI certificate service platform as well as integration toolkits and glue code to stand up public LDAP service which work well with Outlook, OE, Mozilla, Thunderbird and others to enable the S/MIME based encryption that is built in. I played a major role in designing, developing, and rolling out our code security (shrinkrwap and authorization control) services including those which are the basis for Qualcomm's BREW, Microsoft's ActiveX, Netscape's Object Signing and quite a few others. I have also participated in the development and deployment of solutions for various US public agencies including DoD.

Having spent eight years building our Security Services division as a developer, technology lead, manager, and ultimately director I did a one year stint working in our CTO office on stragic technology evaluation and development. Following my time in the CTO office I joined our newly founded Corporate Strategy group for two years where I developed and drove support for new service concepts mostly relating to digital content into our executive team as well as our target customer base including studios, telcos, cable , and software technology companies. After two years in corporate strategy I was asked to transfer into our content services group and help to market and sell our new and existing services so I transfered in and completed the development and deployment of a demo showcasing the capabilities VeriSign has related to digital content.

After twelve fruitful years grinding away at VeriSign I decided to take a sabbatical to collect my thoughts and recenter before beginning the next phase of my career. Six months into my sabbatical VeriSign HR asked that I choose between coming back and leaving permanently so I quit! I took about eighteen months off by which time I was thoroughly bored and decided one day to both join a friend of mine starting a retail business as well as accept a position as CTO of an upstart financial services company with my brother Alex. Suffice it so say that I have not been bored since the day I started working again.

Quick update... The store with my friend Chris is called Simple Autosports while the company is called Simple Incorporated. Here is the ebay auto parts store

The financial services company is called Association Financial Services (AFS)

If you want to reach me give me a call at the main number listed here.

Here is my linked-in profile.