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I first joined the English Wikipedia in December 2007. In my early days, I was well known for being too involved with rules and processes rather than encyclopedia building and policing/harassing other users.

Most of my content contributions are to television and company-related articles. Most of my maintenance work is spent RC patrolling, participating in deletion discussions, fixing formatting errors and adding references to unsourced material.

My time on Wikipedia

Before it all began

I first discovered Wikipedia in 2006. I used to think Wikipedia was a Power Rangers fansite, because I was notorious for being on those at the time (like Rangercentral and Super Sentai Time Capsule) before someone told me that Wikipedia tells you about everything. I used to sit back and watch the talk pages of the various users that were editing Power Rangers articles, while reading the latest spoilers for Power Rangers Mystic Force and Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, and I thought to myself "How cool would it be for me to be in on those discussions too?".

The beginnings

On December 18, 2007, I signed up, but my first few edits were actually as an IP because my account wouldn't stay signed in until I discovered Wikipedia:Secure server. I made my first edit on this account on December 22 and became a part of WikiProject Tokusatsu, suggesting various things for the Power Rangers articles.[1]

Having read various discussions prior to signing up, I already knew how certain things worked early on. I made my first AFD in January 2008.[2] I made my first infobox that same month and I even had a navbox just for my user talk page at one point.[3] But it took me awhile to learn that XFD's weren't the place to ask for your userpages to be deleted.[4][5]

During the spring/summer of 2008, I took a semi-break from Wikipedia. making just about 100 edits between April and August 2008. I returned to my regular activity levels in September, again suggesting various things for the Power Rangers articles and also joined WikiProject Television Stations.[6] During this time, I also began participating more in RC patrolling and XFD discussions, nominating various articles for deletion (which I'll admit was over a misinterpretation of policy). I even ran for RFA three times (all of which were WP:SNOW closed because I simply didn't have the temperament to be an administrator, much less the temperament at all to be apart of a collaborative project).[7][8][9] I also had three editor reviews, but even then, it was a very dead process.[10][11][12]

My time on Wikipedia came to an end on September 9, 2009, after a series of clarification/amendment requests (which I'll admit was frivolous on my part).[13] After repeating those same mistakes six months later, I was indefinitely de facto banned.[14] Back then, I was extremely clueless and socially incompetent to be a member of this project.


In November 2012, the community heard my appeal and agreed to lift the site ban.[15][16][17] For six years I focused mainly on the encyclopedia portion of the project, editing now and then. In February 2015 and September 2016 respectively, the ArbCom and the community agreed to lift the various editing restrictions I had been placed under.

In September 2018, I returned to regular activity, editing in subject areas such as Power Rangers, The Sims, Pokemon, TV stations, stores, and sometimes biographies and other random articles. I also began participating more at ANI and XFD's again and RC patrolling, returning to my janitorial work (this time balanced with some content contribution) as I re-acquaint myself with the policies/guidelines.

Userboxes I made

Notes and references

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