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Developer(s)Martinp23, Reedy, Martijn Hoekstra
Stable release / March 2, 2009
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows (with .NET Framework 2.0)
TypeWikipedia Tools
WebsiteBugs and feature requests here/download here

NPWatcher is a Wikipedia tool, which allows users to perform new page patrol easily, with a graphical interface for the attachment of appropriate deletion tags, as well as a prodding interface and an AfD feature. For administrators, the program has a far greater range of capabilities (after all, there are only so many new pages, but innumerable backlogs!) which patrol CAT:CSD and other categories (eg, the latest backlogged prod category, or all the various fair use images which qualify for speedy deletion). For prods, the program allows the admin to upgrade the debate to an AfD, and for images, the program can quickly orphan a file prior to deletion (where appropriate). For the new pages features, the program uses the newpages RSS feed to get a list of a selected number of new pages, which can then be opened, checked and marked for deletion at the click of a button. The program also facilitates the placing of various user page templates.


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