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Note: It is recommended to first ask the candidate to withdraw. If the candidate agrees, these steps will be necessary anyway, as it is not likely that a new editor would know how to properly withdraw.

Instructions on how to SNOW/NOTNOW an RfA

  1. add {{subst:rfaf}} and {{subst:rfab}} to top and bottom, respectively
  2. Remove the "Voice your opinion" links and the RfATally template, using the instructions below
  3. remove the Voice Your Opinion link
  4. Untransclude from WP:RFA
  5. Notify the candidate
  6. add it to the list of unsuccessful candidacies.
  7. add it to the list of Wikipedia:Unsuccessful adminship candidacies (Chronological)
  8. add it to the list of Wikipedia:2019 requests for adminship

*Closed per [[WP:NOTNOW]] by ~~~~

See an example here. That included all the steps on the RfA itself in one edit.


Replace this text:

<span class="plainlinks">'''[{{fullurl:Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/USERNAME|action=edit&section=5}} <font color="#002BB8">Voice your opinion on this candidate</font>]'''</span> ([[Wikipedia talk:Requests for adminship/USERNAME|talk page]])
'''{{rfatally|USERNAME}}<!-- WHEN CLOSING THIS RFA, REPLACE THIS PART WITH {{subst:finaltally|SUPPORTVOTES|OPPOSEVOTES|NEUTRALVOTES|[OPTIONALMESSAGE] OR [result=successful] OR [reason=SNOW] OR [reason=NOTNOW] OR (blank)}} SEE TEMPLATE FOR MORE DETAILS -->; Scheduled to end 06:53, 31 August 2010 (UTC)'''

With this text:



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