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United States Army Capabilities Integration Center

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The United States Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC), located on Fort Eustis, VA, is a U.S. Army center within the Army's Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) tasked with integrating "warfighting capabilities into the force and among the military services and with other agencies" to include materiel, systems, training, and doctrine.[1] ARCIC has a lead role in the integration of the Army's BCT Modernization into the Army.[1]

The ARCIC is organized as three Directorates and one command:

  • The ARCIC Plans & Operations Directorate
  • The Concept Development and Learning Directorate
  • The International Army Programs Directorate
  • The Joint Modernization Command

Transfer to Army Futures Command

Army Futures Command Shoulder Sleeve Insignia and Distinctive Unit Insignia

On June 4, 2018, the Headquarters, Department of the Army published General Order 2018-10, "Establishment of the United States Army Futures Command," formally transferring ARCIC from TRADOC to the new command effective July 1, 2018.[2] The transition of authority from TRADOC to AFC took place at Fort Eustis, VA on 7 December 2018, with a reflagging of the Center and repatching of the Commander and CSM.[3]

The Center, at Futures Command, is now called the Futures and Concepts Center.[3]


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