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Trion Supercars

Native name
Trion Supercars
FoundedOrange County, California, 2012
FounderRichard Patterson
Key people
CEO Richard Patterson

Trion Supercars is an American supercar manufacturer located in California, U.S. founded in 2012 by American automotive engineer Richard Patterson.[1][2] The company is currently developing the "Nemesis",[3][4] which is going to be their very first vehicle. The Nemesis[5] will be offered in several different variations, in its most extreme form it is planned to be a 2000+ horsepower supercar,[6] powered by a bespoke drivetrain, an American developed and built 552 cubic inch (9045ccm) quad-cam V8.[7][6]

In July 2015,[8][9] then little known California-based start-up Trion first unveiled the Nemesis as a full-scale concept model to the public, along with one of the intended drivetrains, much to the surprise of the automotive journals.[10][11] It was originally intended for the car to enter production in 2018.[12][13]


After 29 years of extensive experience in the automotive domain, Rich Patterson turned his lifelong dream into reality by assembling a team of professionals and establishing an organization to manufacture advanced supercars for the high-end market segments. He established Trion Supercars (TSC) in May 2012.

The Trion Nemesis RR is a concept vehicle from Trion motors. The company is set to reveal a production version in 2016. Trion expects to start manufacturing process of the Nemesis by the end of 2016 and for the first vehicle to hit the streets in 2017.

In January 2016, the Trion Nemesis RR was unveiled at the Silicon Valley Auto Show. The car received extremely positive reviews from several supercar fans, and the Trion Nemesis RR has been featured in the front page of the SV Auto Show website.

The Trion Nemesis RR has been featured in several games, most notably in Asphalt 8, CSR Racing and Asphalt 9.[14]

In November 2016, Trion Supercars showed off the Nemesis in the SEMA show. Days later, they showed off the Nemesis at the LA Auto Show.


Trion Nemesis is currently set to produce four variants: the Nemesis RR, Nemesis GT, Nemesis ER (plug-in hybrid), and Nemesis E (pure electric). Production for the Nemesis RR is limited to 50 vehicles, while the Nemesis GT is limited to 100 vehicles. Production for the Nemesis RR Black Ops, a special version of the Nemesis RR, is limited to 9 vehicles.

Nemesis RR

The Nemesis RR is a mid-engine four wheel drive supercar. The Trion Nemesis RR will be powered by a 9.0L twin turbo charged V8 engine capable of producing 2000 hp. Power will be channelled to all four wheels via an eight-speed sequential transmission. This will be a fully loaded model, complete with all wheel drive, traction management system and 10 speaker JBL infotainment. The Trion Nemesis RR would be competing with the likes of Bugatti Chiron and the Koenigsegg One:1.

Trion-nemesis RR

The Trion Nemesis RR is set to beat the land speed record and fastest production car record. Additionally, the Trion Nemesis is going to be produced as a street legal vehicle, aiming to become the fastest street legal car.

The Trion Nemesis RR is currently taking preorders, with the base price set at 1.6 million USD.[15]

Black Ops Edition

Trion announced a special version of the Nemesis RR called Black Ops edition, which has several more features and a "predator mode." The predator mode changes interior lighting, engine rev, and suspension to make the car appear even more powerful. The Black Ops edition will also boast additional aesthetic features.

The Black Ops Edition is priced at 1.98 million USD.[15][16]

Nemesis GT

Trion Supercars will also produce a less hardcore sports car, the Nemesis GT. The Nemesis GT is expected to reach a top speed of 218 mph, accelerate from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, and deliver about 1400 horsepower. The base model starts at 1.2 million USD.[15]

Nemesis ER

The Nemesis ER is a concept plug-in hybrid car. The Nemesis ER can shell out up to 1200 horsepower, but details about the performance, design, pricing, and availability are yet to be disclosed.

Nemesis E

The Nemesis E is a concept electric car. The four motors in the Nemesis E can produce approximately 2000 horsepower. Further details about the Nemesis E are yet to be released.


As of February 2017 the Trion Nemesis is set to utilize a forced-induction twin turbocharged V8 engine capable of producing 2000 horsepower in the Nemesis RR. Trion is developing its own engine and has not yet officially released any further specific details other than the configuration, capacity and output of the engine to the public.[17] No further information has been released concerning the planned powertrains intended for the Nemesis GT, ER, and E models.

In popular culture

The Trion Nemesis has been featured in several video games, although it has yet to be featured in a movie or show.

In GTA: Online, the fictitious Cheval Taipan has design cues based on both the Hennessey Venom F5 and Trion Nemesis. In addition, in the same game, the fictional Itali GTB takes design cues from the Trion Nemesis and the McLaren 570S.

The Nemesis RR was unveiled at the Silicon Valley auto show in January 2016, and for a brief time, was featured on the front page of the show's website.[18]


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