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Torreta de Guardamar

Torreta de Guardamar
General information
TypeMast radiator insulated against ground
LocationGuardamar, Spain
Coordinates38°4′18″N 0°39′52″W / 38.07167°N 0.66444°W / 38.07167; -0.66444
Height370 m (1,213.91 ft)
Design and construction
Main contractorSpanish Navy

Torreta de Guardamar (Valencian: [toˈreta ðe ˌɣwaɾðaˈmaɾ], Spanish: [toˈreta ðe ˌɣwaɾðaˈmaɾ]) is a 370-metre tall guyed radio mast erected by the US Navy near Guardamar del Segura, Spain. It was built in 1962 and is the tallest architectural structure in both the Iberian peninsula and the European Union. Its base is situated 64 metres above sea level at a distance of 1.4 km from the sea.


Torreta de Guardamar is a mast radiator insulated from earth, and is used to transmit orders to submerged submarines. It is made as a lattice structure with triangular cross section. In spite of its enormous height, it is low in relation to the wavelength of the waves it transmits. Its capacity is augmented by multiple cables connected to its top and running to anchors around the mast. These cables are electrically connected to the mast and are divided at a certain distance by insulators.

The transmitter using Torreta de Guardamar as antenna had been, since its inauguration, remotely controlled by the US Naval Communication Station in Rota. Then it was transferred to the Spanish Navy, and is used for transmitting orders to submerged submarines stationed in Cartagena during their operations. As opposed to other VLF transmitters such as the DHO38 in Rhauderfehn, it has no fixed frequency allocation by ITU and carries no callsign.

This installation is currently guarded by Spanish Infanteria de Marina, and is marked as "Radio Estacion Naval - Antena LF 380 metros - Guardamar"


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2010 – present
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