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Torneio dos Campeões da CBD

Torneio dos Campeões da CBD was a Brazilian football competition held in 1969 with the objective of qualifying a team for the 1970 Copa Libertadores. Grêmio Maringá was declared as the champions after Botafogo forfeited the final after CBD decided not to have Brazilian teams competing in the 1970 Copa Libertadores.[1]

Participating teams

Team State Qualifying competition
Botafogo  Rio de Janeiro 1968 Taça Brasil champions
Grêmio Maringá  Paraná 1968 Torneio Centro-Sul champions
Santos  São Paulo 1968 Torneio Centro-Sul champions
Sport  Pernambuco 1968 Torneio Norte-Nordeste champions


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
Grêmio Maringá 3 3 6  
Sport 0 0 0  
  Grêmio Maringá 1 2 3  
  Santos(1) 1 2 3  
  Grêmio Maringá 1 1 2
  Botafogo(2) 0 0 0
(1)Santos forfeited to play the replay game thus Grêmio Maringá was awarded with a 1-0 win.
(2)Botafogo forfeited to play the finals thus Grêmio Maringá was awarded with a 1-0 win in both games.
Torneio dos Campeões da CBD
1969 Champion
Paraná (state)
Grêmio Maringá
1st Title


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