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FoundedSeptember, 2015
FoundersSam Coley and Steve Pearce
HeadquartersManchester, United Kingdom

TickX is an events and tickets search engine, comparing events in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Spain and The Netherlands .[1][2]

While studying at the University of Manchester, co-founder Steve Pearce wanted to create a single destination for event goers to discover events. [3] Pearce pitched the idea to family friend and future co-founder Sam Coley, a software developer.[4]

In 2015, TickX received backing from Ministry of Sound[3], with Pearce and Coley earning nominations as one of Virgin's "Four young entrepreneurs to watch in 2016".[5] In the second half of 2017, TickX expanded to the Republic of Ireland and Spain.[1][6]

In July, 2017, TickX unveiled the world's first event Chatbot via Facebook Messenger.[7]


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