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Tibet Area (administrative division)

Tibet Area
Area of the Republic of China (1928–1951)
Area of the People's Republic of China (1951–1965)
ROC Div Xizang.svg
Tibet Area (red) in the Republic of China
• 1953
1,221,600 km2 (471,700 sq mi)
• 1953
Historical era20th century
• Established
23 May 1951
• Replacement of Kashag with the Preparatory Committee for the Tibet Autonomous Region
after the 1959 Tibetan rebellion
• Establishment of the
Tibet Autonomous Region
22 April 1965
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Tibet (1912–1951)
Tibet Autonomous Region
Today part ofChina

The Tibet Area was a province-level administrative division of the Republic of China and early People's Republic of China.[1][2]

The Republic of China never had any real control over the area, which was de facto controlled by the Ganden Phodrang government in Lhasa. When the republic was founded in 1912, the Kashag controlled about the same area as the Tibet Area, but later also took control of the western portion of Sikang Province; thus for the most of the Republic of China period, Lhasa controlled an area which was near identical to the contemporary Tibet Autonomous Region.[citation needed]

The People's Republic of China invaded Chamdo (not part of Tibet Area until 1951) in 1950 and incorporated the Dalai Lama-controlled[citation needed] regions in 1951.

Following the 1959 Tibetan rebellion, the State Council of the PRC ordered to replace the Kashag government with the "Preparatory Committee for the Tibet Autonomous Region" which was established in 1956. The current Tibet Autonomous Region was established in 1965.

Administrative divisions


  • Administrative divisions setup by the Preparatory Committee for the Tibet Autonomous Region
Division (专区) Tibetan Simplified Chinese Hanyu Pinyin County ()
Lhasa Division Office 拉萨办事处 Lāsà Bànshìchù 9 counties
Xigazê Division Office 日喀则办事处 Rìkāzé Bànshìchù 12 counties
Heihe Division Office 黑河办事处 Hēihé Bànshìchù 4 counties
Ngari Division Office 阿里办事处 Ālǐ Bànshìchù 8 counties
Shannan Division Office 山南办事处 Shānnán Bànshìchù 10 counties
Tagong Division Office 塔工办事处 Tǎgōng Bànshìchù 6 counties
Gyangzê Division Office 江孜办事处 Jiāngzī Bànshìchù 6 counties
Qamdo Division Office 昌都办事处 Chāngdū Bànshìchù 18 counties


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