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The III. Path

The III. Path
The Third Path

Der III. Weg
Der Dritte Weg
ChairmanKlaus Armstroff
FoundedHeidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
September 28, 2013 (2013-09-28)
Split fromNPD
HeadquartersBad Dürkheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Membership530 (2018)[1]
IdeologyNeo-Nazism Strasserism [2][3]
Political positionFar-right

The III. Path or The Third Path (Ger: Der III. Weg, Der Dritte Weg) is a minor far-right and neo-Nazi political party in Germany.[4][5]

It was founded on September 28, 2013 by former NPD officials, and activists from the banned Free Network South. They have ties with Assad's government in Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon,[6] the National Corps, Right Sector and Svoboda in Ukraine[7], Nordic Resistance Movement in the Nordic countries[8] and the National Socialist Focus in Turkey. Their founder and chairman is Klaus Armstroff.[9] The party mostly operates in Thuringia, Bavaria and Brandenburg.[10]

A group of people bearing Der Dritte Weg flags marched in through a town in Saxony on 1 May, the day before the Jewish remembrance of the Holocaust, carrying a banner saying "Social justice instead of criminal foreigners". The Central Council of Jews said that the state government should ban such marches if it were serious about tackling right-wing extremism.[11] The Third Path stood in the 2019 EU elections

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