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The First of May (film)

The First of May
Directed by Paul Sirmons
Produced by Gary Rogers
Paul Sirmons
Written by Gary Rogers
Gail Radley
Starring Julie Harris
Charles Nelson Reilly
Robin O'Dell
Tom Nowicki
Joe Dimaggio
Dan Byrd
Mickey Rooney
Music by Tom Backus
Cinematography Stephen Campbell
Distributed by CMD Distribution[1][2]
Running time
111 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The First of May is a 1998 independent film by Paul Sirmons and Gary Rogers, starring Julie Harris, Charles Nelson Reilly, Robin O'Dell, Tom Nowicki, Joe Dimaggio, Dan Byrd and Mickey Rooney. It premiered on October 12, 1998, in Buena Vista, Florida, at the FMPTA Annual Party. It is notable for being the last film in which Joe Dimaggio appeared.



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