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The Fader

The Fader
EditorDuncan Cooper
PublisherAndy Cohn
FounderRob Stone, Jon Cohen
First issue 1999 (1999-month)
CountryUnited States
Based inNew York City

The Fader (stylized as FADER) is a magazine based out of New York City launched in 1999 by Rob Stone and Jon Cohen, covering music, style and culture.[1] It was the first print publication to be released on iTunes.[2] It is owned by The Fader Media group, which also includes its website,, Fader films, Fader Label and Fader TV.

The Fader Faked Hitjob

In October 2017, Fantano was accused of promoting alt-right and racist sentiments in videos on his secondary YouTube channel "thatistheplan" in an article by music magazine The Fader, which criticized Fantano for the use of Pepe the Frog memes (which was recently labeled for being an alt-right symbol), targeting feminists, and belittling the work of black musicians. [14] Fantano uploaded a video to The Needle Drop YouTube channel in response, claiming that the article was a "hit job" and that the videos in question were "satirical". He disputed the idea that he had aligned himself with the far right, claiming that his videos actually have a "pretty obvious liberal slant" and responded to accusations of racism stating that he had "harshly critiqued and clowned on white artists and rock musicians in the past". He also posted on social media his displeasure with future edits of the article, including one claiming he laughed at a description of the murder and rape of a woman being changed to "violence towards a woman," after the video.[15] The article was later deleted by The Fader.[16]


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