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Tamag (also tamağ, tamuk, tamug or tamu) is the name of hell in ancient Turkic and Mongolian mythology.[1] In Mongolian language it is called Tam.[1] It is the place where the criminals go to be punished after they die.[1] There are several depictions of Tamag, but the common point in almost all views is about fire.[1] Erlik is the deity ruling hell and punishes the sinful people.[1] Further there is another entity named Tami Han governing Tamag in Khakasian lore.[1] Ancient Turks believed that Tamag is underground.[1] It was believed that the people in Tamag would be brought to the third floor of the sky after they had served their imprisonment in it.[1] Tamag is the opposite of Uçmag (heaven).[1]

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