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Tajlu Khanum

Modern painting of Tajlu Khanum.

Tajlu Khanum (Persian: تاجلو خانم‎), also known by her title of Shah-Begi Khanum (شاه بگی خانم), was a Turcoman princess from the Mawsillu tribe. She was a granddaughter of the Aq Qoyunlu ruler Yaqub bin Uzun Hasan (r. 1478-1490).

According to Angiolello and Ramusio, the Safavid shah (king) Ismail I (r. 1501-1524) married Tajlu Khanum after defeating the Aq Qoyunlu ruler Murad ibn Ya'qub in 1503, but according to the Safavid-period historians such as Budaq Monshi Qazvini, she was the wife of the Afrasiyabid ruler Kiya Husayn II, who had during the dissolution of the Aq Qoyunlu confederation expanded his rule from western Mazandaran into parts of Persian Iraq. Ismail I invaded the latters territories and put an end to his rule in 1504, where he afterwards took Tajlu Khanum into his harem. She thereafter become Ismail's most beloved wife, and bore him Tahmasp Mirza and Bahram Mirza Safavi. She later died in 1540 at Shiraz.