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Sydney College of the Arts

Sydney College of the Arts
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CampusKirkbride Building, Rozelle

The Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) is a contemporary art school that was a faculty of the University of Sydney from 1990 until 2017, when it became a department. The campus is located in Rozelle,[1] Sydney, Australia and housed within Callan Park in the Kirkbride complex, a cluster of sandstone buildings designed by James Barnet, the government architect, in the late 19th century. It is slated to move to the main Camperdown Campus of the University of Sydney in 2020.


Prior to 1995, the College of the Arts was located at Monteith, Glebe,[2] after which it moved to temporary buildings on Smith and Mansfield Streets, in Balmain. It moved to the Kirkbride complex in 1992, after considerable wrangling with several Vice-Chancellors of the University.

From its inception in 1974, SCA established itself as a leading institution in visual arts teaching, with an emphasis on conceptual approaches to art practice, playing a central role in the growth and acceptance of artistic postmodernism in Australia. Often referred to as the "artist's art school", it has had a long tradition of nurturing diversity of practice and opinion, with a distinguished list of teachers and alumni. On the measure of the number of successful and prominent art practitioners it has educated, SCA is in a position to claim that it is the most successful art school in Australia.

On 21 June 2016 the University of Sydney announced that the school would be merged with UNSW Art & Design, a plan that was later abandoned.[3] On 22 August 2016 students occupied the Executive Administration Offices of SCA in protest against the closure of the art school and the ensuing job losses, and the move of SCA from its current home in Rozelle. The occupation ended on 25 October, making it the longest running student occupation in the University of Sydney's history.[4]

From 2017, SCA saw the migration of some staff,[where?] as well as the reappointment of a number of others. It began the process of rewriting its curriculum to suit broader-scale learning. In transitioning from a faculty to a department within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, it has made its courses available to more students, while its students can access other departments and disciplines. It is slated to move from Kirkbride to a new purpose-designed facility in the historic Old Teacher's College on the main campus of the University in 2020, making it the only art school to be housed in such close proximity to other schools and facilities in any University in Australia.[citation needed]

Programs of study

Notable alumni

Notable current and past faculty

  • Su Baker
  • Brad Buckley
  • David Ahern
  • John Conomos
  • Debra Dawes
  • Merilyn Fairskye
  • Ross Gibson
  • Matthys Gerber
  • Adrian Hall
  • Joyce Hinterding
  • Helge Larsen
  • Tracey Moffatt
  • Mike Parr
  • Julie Rrap
  • Imants Tillers
  • Nicholas Tsoutas
  • Guy Warren
  • John Williams
  • Justene Williams
  • Robyn Backen
  • Anna Broinowski
  • Stefan Popescu
  • John Tonkin
  • David Haines
  • Oliver Smith
  • Karin Findeis
  • Andrew Lavery
  • Jane Gavan
  • Michael Doolan
  • Jan Guy
  • Sanne Mestrom
  • Adam Geczy
  • Rebecca Bearmore
  • Stuart Bailey
  • Madeleine Kelly
  • Alex Gawronski
  • Janelle Evans


SCA Campus


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