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Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2003

Eurovision Song Contest 2003
Country Sweden
National selection
Selection processMelodifestivalen 2003
Selection date(s)Semi-finals
15 February 2003
22 February 2003
1 March 2003
8 March 2003
Second Chance
9 March 2003
15 March 2003
Selected entrantFame
Selected song"Give Me Your Love (Fame song)"
Finals performance
Final result5th, 107 points
Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Sweden chose their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 in the national selection Melodifestivalen 2003. Just like the year before, four semifinals and a "second chance" heat with eight songs in each were held. 2 from each went to the final in Globen. The winners were Fame consisting of Jessica Andersson and Magnus Bäcklund. Their song, written by Calle Kindbom and Carl Lösnitz, was called Give me your love, and was a typical schlagerdisco song.

Fame were drawn to sing as #25 (second to last) at the ESC final in Riga. They finished 5th with 107 points.

Melodifestivalen 2003 - Final

Position Artist Song Points Place
1 Fame "Give Me Your Love" 240 1st
2 Jill Johnson "Crazy in Love" 122 4th
3 Östen med Resten "Maria" 21 8th
4 Afro-dite "Aqua Playa" 48 7th
5 Sanna Nielsen "Hela världen för mig" 93 5th
6 Barbados "Bye Bye" 7 10th
7 Sarek "Genom eld och vatten" 55 6th
8 Pernilla Wahlgren & Jan Johansen "Let Your Spirit Fly" 178 2nd
9 Bubbles "TKO (Knock You Out)" 9 9th
10 Alcazar "Not a Sinner Nor a Saint" 172 3rd

At Eurovision

On the night of the final Fame performed 25th in the running order, following Romania and preceding Slovenia. At the close of voting "Give Me Your Love" had received 107 points (including a maximum 12 from Romania), placing country 5th of the 26 entries. Meaning that Sweden automatically qualified for the final in the 2004 contest.


12 points  Norway
10 points  Germany
8 points  Turkey
7 points  Iceland
6 points  Austria
5 points  Netherlands
4 points  Spain
3 points  Poland
2 points  Russia
1 point  Romania
Points awarded to Sweden (final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point