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Sverigetopplistan (Swedish: [²sværjɛˌtɔpːˌlɪstan], lit. "Sweden top list") is the Swedish national record chart, earlier known as Topplistan (1975–1997) and Hitlistan (1998–2007) and known by its current name since October 2007, based on sales data from the Swedish Recording Industry Association (in Swedish Grammofonleverantörernas förening). Before Topplistan, music sales in Sweden were recorded by Kvällstoppen,[1] whose weekly chart was a combined albums and singles list.


For the period of 1976 to 2006, the official Swedish music charts were published by Sveriges Radio P3, a station owned by Sveriges Radio. At the end of 2006, it stopped publishing the general charts, which were entrusted to Swedish Recording Industry Association in the beginning of 2007. However, Sveriges Radio P3 continued to publish the most downloaded music charts, according to the statistics compiled by Nielsen SoundScan. The new strictly-download chart was called DigiListan.

Since late 2006, the chart has included legal downloads. On 29 October 2010 the chart became the first in the world to include music streaming.[2]

From 14 November 1975 to 8 September 1993 the chart was only published every 2 weeks.

Charts published

Until 28 October 2004, charts were published weekly on Fridays. At that date, the publication day was moved to Thursday, until end of 2008. However, the chart reverted to Fridays in January 2009 for a period of two years. Then, in January 2011, the publication day was moved to Monday.

Currently, the following charts are included:

  • Albums Top 60
  • Compilations Top 20
  • Physical Top 20
  • Vinyl Top 10
  • Classical Top 10
  • Hard Rock Top 20
  • Jazz Top 20
  • Hip-Hop Top 20
  • DVDs Top 20
  • Singles Top 100 (replacing the Top 60 chart starting with week 3/2015 chart dated 15 January 2015)
  • Heatseeker Top 20
  • Swedish Top 20
  • Dance Top 20
  • Ringtones Top 20 (published until January 2012)

From 1976 to 2006, the sales chart was broadcast on Sveriges Radio P3. P3 only presents sales data for digital downloads (DigiListan), tracked by Nielsen SoundScan, since 2007.

List of number one hits

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