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Surfest is an annual surfing competition held in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Surfest began in 1985 as an initiative of Newcastle City Council, and at the time, was the world's richest surfing competition. The event runs for thirteen days, and from the 2007 event, has been held at Merewether Beach, having been held between Newcastle Beach and South Newcastle Beach in the past.

Surfest adopted a festival-style approach in 2015, with smaller, more official events held on surrounding beaches in the lead up to the main event.

Event champions

Year Men's division Women's division Location
1985 United States Tom Curren South Africa Wendy Botha Newcastle Beach
1986 Australia Mark Occhilupo United States Frieda Zamba
1987 Australia Tom Carroll Australia Jodie Cooper
1988 Australia Damien Hardman Australia Pam Burridge
1989 Australia Tom Carroll Australia Pauline Menzcer
1990 United States Mike Parsons Australia Michelle Donoghue
1991 event not held
1992 Australia Damien Hardman Australia Vanessa Ousbourne
1993 Australia Barton Lynch Australia Pam Burridge
1994 Australia Shane Powell Australia Pam Burridge
1995 Australia Michael Rommelse Australia Neridah Falconer
1996 Brazil Guilherme Herdy Australia Neridah Falconer
1997 Australia Shane Bevan Australia Kylie Webb
1998 Australia Mark Occhilupo Australia Hayley Tasker
1999 United States Taylor Knox not held
2000 Australia Mick Fanning
2001 Australia Mick Campbell
2002 Australia Mick Fanning
2003 Australia Dayyan Neve Australia Rebecca Woods
2004 United States Kelly Slater Australia Rebecca Woods
2005 Australia Mick Fanning Australia Lynette McKenzie
2006 Brazil Neco Padaratz Australia Rebecca Woods
2007 Australia Jay Thomson Brazil Silvana Lima Merewether Beach
2008 Brazil Adriano De Souza Australia Stephanie Gilmore
2009 South Africa Travis Logie Australia Phillipa Anderson
2010 Republic of Ireland Glenn Hall Australia Kirby Wright
2011 Australia Dion Atkinson Hawaii Coco Ho
2012 Brazil Willian Cardosa Australia Sally Fitzgibbons
2013 Australia Joel Parkinson Australia Dimity Stoyle
2014 Australia Matt Banting Hawaii Malia Manuel
2015 Brazil Alejo Muniz Australia Ellie Brooks
2016 Australia Matt Wilkinson Australia Sally Fitzgibbons
2017 Brazil Yago Dora France Johanne Defay
2018 Australia Mikey Wright Hawaii Coco Ho


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