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Supreme Court of Belarus

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Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus
Вярхоўны суд Рэспублікі Беларусь
Верховный Суд Республики Беларусь
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Emblem of the Supreme Court
Country Belarus
LocationMinsk, Belarus
Composition methodHigh Court
Authorized byMinistry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus
WebsiteOfficial site
Chairman of the Supreme Court
CurrentlyValentin Sukalo[1]
SinceJanuary 1997

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus is the highest-tier court inside of Belarus and acts as the final "court of review." Its general tasks include the oversight of lower-tier courts and can render justice in areas of general civil and criminal law. Unlike the United States Supreme Court, constitutional issues are not sent to the Belarusian Supreme Court, but are sent to a separate court called the Constitutional Court. The judges to the Supreme Court are appointed by the president. On 1 January 2014 the Supreme Economic Court of Belarus merged with the Supreme Court.[2]


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