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SuperCoach Finals

SuperCoach Finals is an online NRL fantasy football game for the NRL football season finals.

SuperCoach Finals asks players to take the role of coach and selector by choosing the ultimate team from Australia's best football players in the NRL Finals Series. Working within a salary cap of $1.4 million, participants select a squad of 7 players each week.

The real-life performance of the players selected determines the participant’s tally of points. Participants choose a new squad each week according to which NRL teams remain in the finals race. SuperCoach Finals players may also elect to play against other people by creating and joining a private league or by being placed in a public league.

SuperCoach Finals is run by, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph newspapers in New South Wales, Australia. SuperCoach Finals is also available in Queensland at the Courier Mail, Gold Coast Bulletin and Townsville Bulletin.

SuperCoach Finals is an extension of one of Australia’s biggest NRL fantasy football competitions, NRL SuperCoach.


See strategy section in NRL SuperCoach.

Selecting the SuperCoach Finals squad

In SuperCoach Finals, participants are required to select a complete squad of 7 players from any NRL club participating in the Finals Series. Squad selection must take into consideration a $1.4 million salary cap and the requirement to fulfil each of the following playing positions:

QTY Position
1x Fullback
1x Wing/Centre
1x Five Eighth
1x Halfback
1x Front Row Forward
1x Hooker
1x Second Row Forward

Only teams with a full squad of 7 players will earn points. When choosing a team for the upcoming week of finals, a team captain must also be nominated. The performance of the team captain will add double points towards the team score.

Points Scoring

Only the best 6 selected players will earn points. If any of them are unable to play, the 7th selected player will add points towards the fantasy team's total.

By using various statistics that cover all aspects and contributions of NRL players in various playing positions, SuperCoach Finals scoring system presents an accurate way to determine how effective a player has been.

Points are awarded based on the comprehensive scoring system, as highlighted below.

Stat Description Points Awarded/Deducted
Tries 15 Points
Try Assists 10 Points
Goals 4 Points
Missed Goals -2 Points
Field Goals 5 Points
Missed Field Goals -1 Point
Tackles 1 Point
Missed Tackles -1 Point
Offloads 4 Points
Line Breaks 8 Points
Line Break Assists 6 Points
40/20 10 Points
Hitups (all runs) 2 Points
Penalties Conceded -2 Points
Errors -2 Points
Sin Bin/Send offs -8/-16 Points

Public and Private Leagues

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