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Sukkur Division

Sukkur Division (Sindhi: سکر ڊويزن‎) is one of the seven administrative Divisions of the Sindh Province of Pakistan. This level of administration was abolished in 2000 but restored again on 11 July 2011.[1]

Sukkur is the divisional headquarters of Sukkur Division, which comprises the following three districts:[2][3]

Districts of Sukkur Division
District Area (km2) Population
1998 Census
2017 Census
Ghotki 6,083 1,646,318 Mirpur Mathelo
Khairpur 15,910 2,404,334 Khairpur
Sukkur 2,512 1,487,903 Sukkur
Totals 24,505 3,447,935 5,538,555 Sukkur

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