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Suka Pinakurat

Suka Pinakurat
Logo of Suka Pinakurat
Product typeSpiced vinegar
Produced byGreen Gold Gourmet Foods, Inc.
CountryIligan City, Philippines
IntroducedOctober 2000
Registered as a trademark inPhilippines: March 10, 2006[1]
Australia: April 2, 2009[2]
United States: August 28, 2018[3]
TaglinePapawisan ka sa sarap[4]

Suka Pinakurat is a Filipino brand of spiced vinegar from Mindanao. It is made from fermented coconut sap (Tubâ) that is blended with Siling labuyo (Kulikot) and other spices. It differs from Sinamak, a Visayan variant of spiced vinegar, in that the chilies and spices are blended in Pinakurat whereas it is left whole to infuse in Sinamak.[5]


Suka Pinakurat was created by Rene Jose B. Stuart del Rosario and was first introduced to the market in October of 2000 in Iligan City, Philippines by Green Gold Gourmet Foods, Inc.[6] The vinegar attributes its name to a famous local Iliganon dish of the same name that is made from chopped wild boar meat (baboy sulop) soused in coconut sap vinegar and spices. The root word kurat means surprise in Sebuano, which is described as a characteristic of the vinegar which is surprising or shocking in its spiciness and sourness.[4][7]

Trademark dispute

In December 2010, the House of Representatives of the Philippines committee on small business and entrepreneurship development investigated on the possible violations of Southeast Asia Foods, Inc. (SAFI) on the tradename and trademark of Green Gold Gourmet Foods, Inc.[8]

On January 29, 2010, Southeast Asia Food, Inc. (SAFI), Inc. applied for a trademark for the product Datu Puti Pinoy Kurat Spiced Tuba Vinegar in the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines but the application was rejected due to the product resembling "a registered mark belonging to a different proprietor and the resemblance is likely to deceive or cause confusion."[9] On July 8, 2010, SAFI filed a responsive action to this decision "contending that Pinakurat is a descriptive and generic term and is not entitled to trademark protection." and on October 15, 2010, the company filed an appeal on the decision. This appeal was denied by the Intellectual Property Office and the final rejection was sustained by a decision on March 2011 and another decision on December 20, 2013.[9]

After the December 2013 decision, Southeast Asia Food, Inc. (now NutriAsia, Inc) raised a Petition for Review to the Court of Appeals. On February 29, 2016, the Court of Appeals has denied the petition and affirmed the ruling that rejects the application for trademark of Datu Puti Pinoy Kurat.[10][11]

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