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Statue of Saint Volodymyr, London

Statue of Saint Volodymyr
Saint Vladimir Monument
Ruler of Ukraine statuette Volodymir bright.JPG
LocationUnited Kingdom Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates51°30′27″N 0°12′15″W / 51.50744°N 0.20406°W / 51.50744; -0.20406

The statue of Saint Volodymyr in Holland Park, London, is a work of 1988 by the Canadian-Ukrainian sculptor Leo Mol. The bronze statue stands on the corner of Holland Park and Holland Park Avenue. It was unveiled on 29 May 1988, to commemorate the 1,000th anniversary of the Christianisation of Kievan Rus'. Later that year, another statue of Volodymyr by the same sculptor was erected in Rome.[1] Vladimir is anachronistically represented "Ruler of Ukraine", according to the inscription on the pedestal.

In fact, the term Ukraine is encountered in the historical sources only since the end of XII century (namely, first time in the Hypatian Codex, 1187).


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