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State University of Surabaya

Surabaya State University
Universitas Negeri Surabaya
The entrance to the State University of Surabaya Lidah Wetan campus
TypeState university
RectorProf. Dr. H. Warsono, M.S.
Academic staff
Jl. Ketintang, Surabaya 60231 Indonesia
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The State University of Surabaya (Indonesian: Universitas Negeri Surabaya or UNESA) is a university in Surabaya. Until 1999, it was known as IKIP Surabaya (English: Surabaya Institute of Teaching and Education Sciences) and was established for graduating teachers, qualified for preschool, elementary, junior high, and senior high school. It has seven faculties and one graduate school, 47 undergraduate programs, 12 diploma programs, and 15 postgraduate and doctorate programs.[2] It has approximately 24,986 students[1] and 834 lecturers (244 undergraduates, 470 postgraduates, 76 doctoral, and 27 professors).[3]


In 1950, UNESA was founded from B-I and B-II courses majoring in Chemical Sciences and Exact Sciences to ensure the availability of junior and senior high school teachers.. It used classrooms and laboratories belonging to the Dutch Hogere burgerschool (HBS). In 1957, these B-I courses were grouped into General B-I Courses and Special B-I Courses. The General B-I Courses included English and German languagees, while the Special B-I Courses included Chemical Sciences, Exact Sciences, Economics, Technical, Sports, and Aeronautical Sciences.

In 1960, the B-I and B-II courses were integrated into Faculty of Education and Teacher Training (Indonesian: Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan or FKIP) to graduate advanced school teachers. In 1961, this was absorbed into FKIP Universitas Airlangga Cabang Malang and named FKIP Universitas Airlangga Cabang Surabaya. January 3, 1963, FKIP and the Institute of Teacher Training (founded in 1962) was merged with IKIP Malang Cabang Surabaya.

December 19, 1964, IKIP Surabaya was officially established with five faculties: Education, Social Teaching, Language Art Teaching, Exact Science Teaching, and Engineering Sciences Teaching. In 1977, the Faculty of Sports Science Teaching became the sixth. That year, five of the six faculties changed their names to the Faculty of Languages and Art, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Sport Sciences.[4]

Through a Presidential Regulation dated August 4, 1999, IKIP Surabaya changed its name to Universitas Negeri Surabaya. In 2006, UNESA opened a new Faculty of Economics as a separate entity from its parent faculty, Social Sciences. In 2014, UNESA opened two departments, Communication Sciences under the Faculty of Social Sciences, and Islamic Economics under the Faculty of Economics.

UNESA has two main campuses in Ketintang and Lidah Wetan, a supporting campus for Department of Extraordinary Education in Gedangan, Sidoarjo, two language centers in Ketintang Campus and Dr. Moestopo, and laboratory schools for education-based programs, including a kindergarten, an elementary school and two middle schools. UNESA is known[by whom?] as an inclusive campus, which means disabled students can study along with the able-bodied students. It has a study and service center for disabled people, and provides assistance for disabled people in Surabaya, especially in the campus.


UNESA has seven faculties offering 62 study programs ranging from undergraduate level to doctorate.

  • Faculty of Education
    • Department of Guidance and Counseling
    • Department of Education Technology
    • Department of Non-Formal Education
    • Department of Special Education
    • Department of Pre-school and Elementary
    • Department of Psychology
    • Department of Early Childhood Teacher Training Education
    • Department of Education Management
  • Faculty of Languages and Arts [1]
    • Department of Indonesian Education
    • Department of English Education
    • Department of Germans Education
    • Department of Japanese Education
    • Department of Javanese Education
    • Department of Mandarin Education
    • Department of Drawing Art Education
    • Department of Dancing Art Education
    • Department of Indonesian literature
    • Department of English literature
    • Department of English Business
    • Department of Germans literature
  • Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Science [2]
  • Faculty of Social Sciences [3]
    • Department of Pancasila and Citizenship Education
    • Department of Geography Education
    • Department of History Education
    • Department of Sociology
    • Department of State Administration Science
    • Department of Law Science
    • Department of Communication Science
  • Faculty of Engineering [4]
    • Department of Electrical Engineering Education
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering Education
    • Department of Building Engineering Education
    • Department of Family Welfare Education
    • Department of Make up Education
    • Department of Civil Engineering
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering
    • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Sports Sciences [5]
    • Department of Sport Science
    • Department of Health and Recreation Education
    • Department of Sport Coaching Education
  • Faculty of Economics [6]
    • Department of Economics Education
    • Department of Managements
    • Department of Accounting
    • Department of Islamic Economics


UNESA's achievements include:[5]

  • Winner of 2009 Indonesia Intelligent Robotic Contest in Gadjah Mada University. Represented Indonesia in international robotic contest held at Trinity College, United States.
  • Second runner-up at Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional 2009 in Brawijaya University, category entrepreneurship.
  • 2009 National Student Sports Festival in Aceh, 11 Gold medals, 9 Silver, 10 Bronze.
  • Home of 2008 Asia BMX Championship.
  • Winner of 2008 Indonesia Higher Education Sports Festival, Surabaya.
  • Runner up of 2008 President Cup Volley Ball Championship.


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