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Scientific classification
Domain: Bacteria
Phylum: Chloroflexi
Class: Thermomicrobia
Order: Sphaerobacterales
Stackebrandt et al., 1997
Suborder: Sphaerobacterineae
Garrity et al., 2003
Family: Sphaerobacteraceae
Stackebrandt et al., 1997
Genus: Sphaerobacter
Demharter et al., 1989
Species: S. thermophilus
Binomial name
Sphaerobacter thermophilus
Demharter et al., 1989

Sphaerobacter is a genus of bacteria. When originally described it was placed in its own subclass (Spahaerobacteridae) within the class Actinobacteria. Subsequently, phylogenetic studies have now placed it in its own order Sphaerobacterales within the phylum Chloroflexi.[1][2] Up to now there is only one species of this genus known (Sphaerobacter thermophilus).[3]