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21 January 2019

  • Chungju‎; 00:19 -24,662Guliolopez (talk | contribs)(Rolling back to earlier version. Before all this OVERT promotion and entirely inappropriate advertisement tone was added. Wikipedia is not the place for this type of tone, promo or guidebook content. ("your stomach action will become vigorous". Pissoff))
  • Chungju‎; 00:16 +8Guliolopez (talk | contribs)("there are spaces available for you to relax and enjoy" "making you forget the summer heat" "when you drink this water, your stomach action will become vigorous". Who on earth are we talking to here?)
  • Chungju‎; 00:15 -420Guliolopez (talk | contribs)(Temper and tag commentary, editorialising and POV issues which skirt WP:NOTGUIDEBOOK, WP:WTW and WP:PROMO. "Enjoy a cool summer in Chungju for your summer vacation!" What!!??)

20 January 2019

19 January 2019