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Sinceramente CFK.jpg
AuthorCristina Fernández de Kirchner
PublisherSudamericana (Penguin Random House)
Publication date
April 25, 2019

Sinceramente (Spanish for "sincerely") is the first book written by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, former President of Argentina and current Senator for the Buenos Aires Province. She announced the publication of the book by surprise on April 23, 2019 on her Twitter account.[1] Kirchner stated that the book "is not autobiographical nor is it an enumeration of personal or political achievements, it is a look and a retrospective reflection to unravel some facts and chapters of recent history and how they have impacted the lives of Argentines and mine as well."[2]

Released months before the general election, the release of Sinceramente was considered by some political analysts as the first sign of the launch of Kirchner's presidential candidacy.[3][4] However, Kirchner announced on May 18 that she will be running for Vice President, accompanying her former Chief of the Cabinet Alberto Fernández as a candidate for the presidency.[5]

Although it was set to be released on April 26, the book began to be sold in Buenos Aires libraries the day before and sold out almost immediately.[6] Sinceramente has been considered "the editorial phenomenon of the year", with the sixty thousand copies of the first edition selling out in one hour.[6] As such, the "sales phenomenon" of they day of its publication has been compared to that of Argentine bestsellers Malvinas, la trama secreta (1983) and Nunca Más (1984).[6] During the first two weeks after its release and before its official presentation, Sinceramente sold 227,000 copies and collected 120 million pesos.[7]


Journalist Luis Majul considered that the book was not up to the standards of books written by former presidents, as it would not serve as a legacy or an ordered explanation of her ideas. Instead, it would be a disorganized selection of trivial anecdotes. He also pointed that most of the events are explained with a conspiracy theory of some sort.[8]

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