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Tapsilog in saudi arabia.jpg
Tapsilog, a type of silog with Tapa
TypeBreakfast dish
Place of originPhilippines
Created byVivian del Rosario[1]
Main ingredientsMeat, Rice and Egg

Silog is a class of Filipino breakfast dishes containing sinangag (fried rice) and (egg). They are served with various meat dishes, such as tapa, longganisa or ham. The name of the accompanying meat dish determines the portmanteau name of the silog; for example, the former three would be known as tapsilog, longsilog, and hamsilog.[2]


Two street kids eating at Bente-Silog, a silog only restaurant which sells ₱20 silogs.

The first type of silog that was invented was the tapsilog. It was originally intended to be quick breakfast fare and the word originally established in 1980s and came from the Tapsi ni Vivian restaurant in Marikina City. According to Vivian del Rosario, owner of Tapsi ni Vivian, she was the first to use the term tapsilog.[1][3]

Due to the popularity of this type of cuisine, some fast food chains in the Philippines and hotels in the Philippines have included silogs on their breakfast menus, and some restaurants only serve this type of dish.[4]

Types of Silog

Toci-Longsilog a silog with tocino and longganisa
Spamsilog a type of silog with Spam

Following the development of tapsilog, many other types of silog have been created, all based around fried rice, or garlic-fried, rice and fried egg, and suffixed with -silog.[5][6] Examples (in alphabetical order) include:

  • Adosilogadobo, fried rice and fried egg.
  • Bacsilog or baconsilog – bacon, fried rice and fried egg.
  • Bangsilog – fried bangus (milkfish), fried rice and fried egg.
  • Bisteksilogbeef steak, fried rice and fried egg.
  • Daingsilogdaing, fried rice and fried egg.
  • Dangsilogdanggit (rabbitfish), fried rice and fried egg.
  • Chiksilog or noksilogfried chicken, fried rice and fried egg.
  • Chosilogchorizo, fried rice and fried egg.
  • Cornsilogcorned beef, fried rice and fried egg.
  • Hotsiloghotdog, fried rice and fried egg.
  • Litsilog or lechonsiloglechon or lechon kawali, fried rice and fried egg.
  • Longsiloglongganisa, fried rice and fried egg.
  • Masilog or malingsilog – Ma-Ling brand Chinese luncheon meat, fried rice and fried egg.
  • Porksilogpork chop, fried rice and fried egg.
  • Sisilog - sisig, fried rice and fried egg.
  • SpamsilogSpam brand luncheon meat, fried rice and fried egg.
  • Tosilogtocino, fried rice and fried egg.
  • Toci-Longsilogtocino and longganisa with fried rice and fried egg.
  • Vicsilogvic (chinless hogfish), fried rice and hard-cooked egg yolks.

There is a similar dish from Malaysia, the nasi lemak, which is served in a variety of manners using meat, egg and rice with coconut milk.[7]

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