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Shin, Syria


Shin is located in Syria
Location in Syria
Coordinates: 34°47′0″N 36°26′0″E / 34.78333°N 36.43333°E / 34.78333; 36.43333
Country Syria
GovernorateHoms Governorate
DistrictHoms District
800 m (2,600 ft)
 • Total13,020

Shin (Arabic: شينShîn) is a town in northwestern Syria administratively part of the Homs Governorate, located west of Homs. Nearby localities include Rabah to the north, al-Mahfurah to the northeast, Tarin to the east, Suwayri to the southeast, Hadidah to the south, Mizyeneh and al-Huwash to the southwest and Muqlus to the northwest.

According to the Syria Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Shin had a population of 13,020 in the 2004 census. It is the administrative center of the Shin nahiyah ("subdistrict") which consists of 22 localities with a collective population of 27,951 in 2004.[1] The inhabitants of the town are predominantly Sunnis and Alawites. Although many had converted to the heterodox Alawite sect of Sulayman al-Murshid (known as Murshidians) during the French Mandate period (1920-46), the population readopted the orthodox Alawite faith since then.[2]


The name Shin is possibly coming from 2 sources Syriac language and it means the moon , and Aramaic language and it means peace


The town has been built above an Arameans Khirbat (Town) , and there are many other old Aramaians ruins The majority of population used to work in agriculture, planting Olives, Wheat,Figs and Apples,


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