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Shenandoah (schooner)

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Square topsail schooner Shenandoah on Nantucket Sound.
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Name: Shenandoah
Owner: The Black Dog Tall Ships
Operator: Captain Robert S. Douglas
Builder: Harvey F. Gamage Ship Building Co
Completed: 1964
General characteristics
Displacement: 170 tons
Length: 154 feet
Height: 94 feet
Installed power: Sail
Sail plan: Square Topsail Schooner
Speed: 12.5 knots
Capacity: 30 Passengers
Crew: 10

The Shenandoah is a 108-foot (33 m) square topsail schooner built in Maine in 1964. Operating as a cruise ship and educational vessel in the waters of Vineyard Haven Harbor, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts,[1] she is claimed to be the only schooner of her size and topsail rig without an engine within the world.[2]


The Shenandoah's design is based on an 1850s ship Joe Lane, but Captain Douglas made numerous changes in order to improve the power of the vessel. Douglas has been the vessel's only skipper since her launch in 1964.

The Shenandoah required extensive hull repairs and was dry docked in 2009.[2]

General characteristics

Type: Square Topsail Schooner

Designed by: Captain Robert S. Douglas

Built by: Harvey F. Gamage Ship Building Co.

Length: 154 feet (47 m) from jib boom to main boom end

Sails: 7,000 square feet (700 m2) of canvas

Topmast height: 94 feet (29 m)

Displacement: 170 tons (173 t)

Hull: made of Maine oak

Deck: made of pine

Lower masts: 20 inches diameter, 2.5 tons each

Maximum speed: 12.5 knots (23 km/h)

Maximum capacity: 30 passengers overnight

A range of one to four beds can be found in the 11 cabins below deck. It houses 7 crew members, a first-mate, a cook, and the captain. The ship contains two heads, a main saloon and a galley.

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