Shakti (1982 film)

Shakti (1982 film).jpg
Directed by Ramesh Sippy
Produced by Mushir Alam
Mohammad Riaz
Written by Salim-Javed
Starring Dilip Kumar
Amitabh Bachchan
Smita Patil
Kulbhushan Kharbanda
Amrish Puri
Anil Kapoor
BP Saxena
Music by R.D. Burman
Cinematography S.M. Anwar
Edited by M. S. Shinde
Release dates
  • 1 October 1982 (1982-10-01) (India)
Running time
167 mins
Country India
Language Hindi

Shakti (English: Strength) is a 1982 Bollywood action crime drama film directed by Ramesh Sippy and starring Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Raakhee, Smita Patil and Amrish Puri with Anil Kapoor in a special appearance. It was written by the famous writing duo Salim-Javed and produced by Mushir-Riaz. Shakti was notable for being the first and only film to feature veteran actors Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan together on screen.[1] Considered to be one of the greatest films in the history of Indian cinema, it went on to win several Filmfare awards among which were Best Film and Best Actor which was awarded to Dilip Kumar. The movie had a similar storyline as that of the 1974 Tamil movie Thanga Pathakkam which went on to be remade in Hindi in 1982 as Farz Aur Kanoon. The story focuses on a police officer and his son. When the son is kidnapped, the police officer says that he will not betray the law, even if that means death for his son. His son escapes, but grows up to be a rebellious young man, who does not want anything to do with his father anymore, and his main mission is to eliminate the criminals who abducted him years ago.


An ex-cop Ashwini Kumar learns that his grandson Ravi Kumar wants to follow his footsteps. Kumar thinks that his grandson is taking this decision in a flow of emotions, without taking into consideration its implications. To warn his grandson about the dangers and pitfalls of the profession, Kumar decides to tell his own story. How the grandson makes his decision that would affect his whole life is the crux of the story.


Retired Commissioner Ashwin Kumar (Dilip Kumar) is on a railway station to receive his teenage grandson Ravi (Anil Kapoor). On being asked by his grandfather about his future plans, Ravi promptly replies that he wants to become a police officer and serve his country, just like his grandfather. Kumar tells him that the journey of a police personal life is fraught with many challenges and so he must reconsider his decision. Kumar starts by explaining his own story.

Kumar goes in flashback, back to the days when he was an Inspector. Kumar had a happy family consisting, him his wife Sheetal (Raakhee) and son Vijay, Ravi's father. Ashwini takes cudgels against a dreaded gangster named J.K. Verma (Amrish Puri). He arrests a key henchman of J.K. and is about to challenge J.K.'s supremacy. J.K. takes the matters into his own hands and abducts Vijay.

J.K. tries to strike a deal with Kumar: set his henchman free and he will spare Vijay's life. Kumar, an honest cop tells J.K. on the phone that even if his only son is killed in the process, he will not betray the law. Unknown to him, an abducted Vijay is also listening to this conversation. He is shocked and pained to hear his father's words.

At that time, K.D.Narang (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), another goon in J.K.'s gang, helps Vijay to escape after he has a fight with his boss. Soon the police find J.K.'s hideout where he hid Vijay, but Vijay is missing. J.K. and K.D. become sworn enemies. Vijay returns home, but his actions indicate that the damage has already been done.

As Vijay grows, his confliction for his father and his hatred for J.K. grow too. Vijay still loves his father a lot. A young Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) is an antithesis to his father, espousing every thing his father dislikes. Vijay does not appreciate the law anymore because of his father, but at the same time he does not appreciate nasty and rude people. Vijay is not good, but at the same time he is not bad, but his father always thinks his son is going the wrong direction. But the pains that the son received in his childhood makes Vijay stronger and against his father. He finally has a fall-out with his father and leaves home. Vijay soon becomes a known name in the underworld. By chance or destiny, Vijay joins K.D., who has become a rival, an equal for J.K.

Vijay gladly accepts to work with the man he perceives as the person to whom he owes his life. With K.D.'s help, Vijay starts climbing the crime ladder even faster. J.K. cannot help but notice that Kumar's son has become a notorious gangster, just as he cannot help noticing that the alliance of Vijay and K.D. has made his life of crime even harder. J.K. decides to remove his thorns before they suck the blood out of him and his business.

Meanwhile, Vijay meets and falls in love with Roma Devi (Smita Patil), a single woman. They start living together, without marriage. Sheetal tries to persuade her son to leave the path of wrong, but in vain. Later, Roma reveals to Vijay that she is pregnant with his child, who is Ravi. Vijay decides to marry her.

J.K. hires a sharpshooter to murder Kumar. Instead, Sheetal is murdered trying to shield her husband. This just makes Vijay even more exasperated. He escapes the police and proceeds to start hunting for J.K.'s head. J.K. has already perceived this and made all arrangements to leave the country. K.D. too plans to leave the country with Vijay. K.D. convinces Vijay that if he kills J.K., the whole city's police will start hunting him and so he should get out of the country as fast as he can, but Vijay disregards this.

Kumar has learnt about Roma and her pregnancy from Sheetal before her death. Kumar and his team learn of J.K. and K.D.'s plans. Vijay kills J.K.'s goons who try to murder him. Vijay arrives at the airport, not actually wanting to leave India, but to kill J.K, who is disguised in a white beard to hide his true identity from the police and Vijay, but Vijay is not fooled, and is able to recognize him. He ultimately succeeds in killing J.K, shooting him five times, avenging Sheetal. Meanwhile, Kumar succeeds in foiling K.D.'s attempt to flee the country. At this time, he learns that Vijay was going after J.K.

Kumar succeeds to track down Vijay, who has just killed J.K. Kumar tries to stop him, but in vain. A teary-eyed Kumar lifts his pistol and pulls the trigger. Vijay falls down just before he can reach the plane stairs. Kumar rushes towards him and in a tearful conversation, Vijay realizes his mistake and asks forgiveness. Vijay dies in Kumar's arms. Kumar immediately realises what a foolish idea it was to kill his own son, and immediately quits the police force. Narang and his men are arrested. After Vijay's funeral, Kumar takes Roma with him.

Kumar cuts to the present and asks again to Ravi whether he wants to follow that dream. Ravi, on hearing the story, firmly says that his answer would still be "yes". Kumar and Roma, Ravi's mother, give Ravi their blessings. Ravi takes a train and leaves, signifying that he would become an officer in the future.



Both Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan were nominated for the Best Actor award but it was Dilip Kumar who eventually won it. Amitabh Bachchan had a total of 3 nominations in the category that year.

The film was critically acclaimed and won many accolades listed below:

Year Nominee/Work Award Result
1983 Mushir Alam, Mohammad Riaz Filmfare Award for Best Film Won
Dilip Kumar Filmfare Award for Best Actor Won
Amitabh Bachchan Filmfare Award for Best Actor Nominated
Raakhee Filmfare Award for Best Actress Nominated
Ramesh Sippy Filmfare Award for Best Director Nominated


The song "Jane Kaise Kab Kahan" is an evergreen hit.

All lyrics written by Anand Bakshi; all music composed by R.D. Burman.

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. "Ae Aasman Bata"   Mahendra Kapoor  
2. "Hamne Sanam Ko Khat Likha"   Lata Mangeshkar  
3. "Jane Kaise Kab Kahan"   Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar  
4. "Mangi Thi Ek"   Mahendra Kapoor  


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