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Shōkyō (正慶, also pronounced "Shōkei") was a brief initial Japanese era of the Northern Court during the Kamakura period, after Gentoku and before Kenmu, lasting from April 1332 to April 1333.[1] Reigning Emperors were Emperor Go-Daigo in the south and Emperor Kōgon in the north.[2]

Nanboku-chō overview

The Imperial seats during the Nanboku-chō period were in relatively close proximity, but geographically distinct. They were conventionally identified as:

During the Meiji period, an Imperial decree dated March 3, 1911 established that the legitimate reigning monarchs of this period were the direct descendants of Emperor Go-Daigo through Emperor Go-Murakami, whose Southern Court had been established in exile in Yoshino, near Nara.[3]

Until the end of the Edo period, the militarily superior pretender-Emperors supported by the Ashikaga shogunate had been mistakenly incorporated in Imperial chronologies despite the undisputed fact that the Imperial Regalia were not in their possession.[3]

This illegitimate Northern Court had been established in Kyoto by Ashikaga Takauji.[3]

Change of era

  • 1332 Shōkyō gannen (正慶元年): The era name was changed to Shōkyō to mark an event or a number of events. The previous era ended and a new one commenced in Genkō 2, the 10th month.[4]

In this time frame, Genkō (1331–1333) was the Southern Court equivalent nengō.

Events of the Shōkyō era


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