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Seahorse (software)

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Seahorse 3.12.2
Seahorse 3.12.2
Developer(s) Seahorse developers
Stable release 3.30.1 (25 September 2018; 15 days ago (2018-09-25)[1]) [±]
Preview release 3.30rc2 (1 September 2018; 39 days ago (2018-09-01)[2]) [±]
Operating system Unix-like
Platform GNOME
Type Encryption
License GNU GPLv2+

Seahorse is a GNOME front-end application for managing PGP and SSH keys.[3] [4] Seahorse integrates with Nautilus, gedit and Evolution for encryption, decryption and other operations. It has HKP and LDAP key server support. The program is based on GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) and is released as free software under the GNU General Public License (GPL).



Responsibility for maintenance and development of Seahorse has changed hands several times during its lifetime.

  • Niels De Graef (3.29.x - present)
  • Daiki Ueno (3.29.x - present)
  • Nate Nielsen (real name Stef Walter) (0.7.4 - present)
  • Jacob Perkins (0.6.x - 0.7.3)
  • Jose C. García Sogo (0.5.x)
  • Jean Schurger

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GNU published by the software foundation, either version 2.1 of the licence .


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