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Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Church (Heliopolis)

Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Church
Domes of Saint Mark's Church, standing over the horizon at night, Heliopolis Cairo, Egypt.jpg
The domes of Saint Mark's Church, standing over the horizon
Location Cleopatra Street, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
Country  Egypt
Denomination Coptic Orthodox Church
Founder(s) Pope Cyril V of Alexandria
Dedication Saint Mark
Consecrated 1930
Status Cathedral
Architectural type Church
Style Coptic
Division The Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate
Bishop(s) Pope Tawadros II
Priest(s) Fr Daoud Lamei and Fr Boules George[1]

St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church is the first Coptic parish that was built and established in the district of Heliopolis in Cairo, Egypt.[2] Being one of several Coptic Orthodox Churches in Heliopolis, St. Mark's Church is specifically located on Cleopatra Street, near the Cleopatra Hospital.[3]

Early history


The idea of establishing a church in Heliopolis started out in 1917. A committee was formed, and eventually, the cornerstone was founded on Friday, June 16, 1922, under the papacy of Pope Cyril V. Prayers were held in a temporary location and started in January 1925. This was the case until 1930, when the construction was finally complete. The late Fr. Ibrahim Luke served as the first priest, and was at St. Mark's Church until he died in 1950. Today, there are seventeen priests that serve Saint Mark's Church alone.[4]

Endowment lands

Some of the adjacent land was purchased in 1948 to build the church hall and chapel. It was opened by Pope Cyril VI on June 5, 1964, and the new altar was consecrated, bearing the name of Saint Menas.

Coptic TV

Father Daoud Lamei is a Coptic leader who has inspired others. He is married. He has been serving at St. Mark's Church in Heliopolis since he was sixteen years old. He is a prolific producer of videos and books of Coptic Orthodox teachings, and his sermons are presented on Coptic Television channels and online, on YouTube and other sites.[5]

Papal visits

As Saint Mark's Church has had a long history, there were several occasions upon which there were Papal visits made by different Coptic Popes. Among them are:

  • Pope Joseph II: laid the cornerstone of the church hall.
  • Pope Cyril VI: in 1960 for prayer and in 1964 for the opening of the church hall.
  • Pope Shenouda III: visited several times; in 1973 and 1981 for preaching, as well a more recent visit in 2000, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Fr. Ibrahim Luke's departure.

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