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Roman Catholic Diocese of Trujillo, Venezuela

Diocese of Trujillo

Dioecesis Truxillensis in Venetiola
Ecclesiastical provinceMérida
Area7,400 km2 (2,900 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2004)
677,062 (95.0%)
RiteLatin Rite
Established4 June 1957 (63 years ago)
CathedralCatedral Nuestra Señora de la Paz
Current leadership
BishopCástor Oswaldo Azuaje Pérez, O.C.D.
Diócesis de Trujillo.svg

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Trujillo (Latin: Dioecesis Truxillensis in Venetiola) is a diocese located in the city of Trujillo in the Ecclesiastical province of Mérida in Venezuela.


On 4 June 1957 Pope Pius XII established the Diocese of Trujillo from the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Mérida.

The episcopal headquarters is in the city of Trujillo, where the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace is located.

Its territory is divided into 79 parishes, a Rectory and a Vicariate.



  • Antonio Ignacio Camargo † (2 Sep 1957 – 13 Dec 1961)
  • José Léon Rojas Chaparro † (13 Dec 1961 – 11 Jun 1982)
  • Vicente Ramón Hernández Peña † (11 Jun 1982 – 3 Apr 2012)
  • Cástor Oswaldo Azuaje Pérez, O.C.D. (3 Apr 2012 – present)

Coadjutors bishops

Other priests of this diocese who became bishops

  • Joaquín José Morón Hidalgo † , appointed Bishop of Valle de la Pascua in 1992
  • José de la Trinidad Valera Angulo, appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Caracas, Santiago de Venezuela in 1997
  • José Luis Azuaje Ayala, appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Barquisimeto in 1999
  • Ramón José Aponte Fernández, appointed Bishop of Valle de la Pascua in 2004
  • Benito Adán Méndez Bracamonte, appointed Bishop of Venezuela, Military in 2015
  • Carlos Alfredo Cabezas Mendoza, appointed Bishop of Punto Fijo in 2016

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