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Roads in Jersey

The road with the longest name in Jersey is in St Martin

Roads in Jersey are labelled "A", "B" or "C" in a similar scheme used in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. The maximum speed limit on Jersey's roads is 40 mph. On the 18th of January, Transport Minister Deputy Kevin Lewis announced that the speed limit on several Jersey roads will be lowered to 30 miles per hour. Deputy Lewis said that changes came following requests from parish officials.

A Visite du Branchage is an inspection of roads to ensure property owners have complied with the laws against vegetation encroaching on the highway.

Highway authorities

Main roads are administered by the Minister for Transport and Technical Services.

Parish roads are administered by the Roads Committee of the relevant parish. Roads Inspectors are also elected to report on roads within their vingtaine.

"A" roads

Looking west along part of the Esplanade (A1) and Victoria Avenue (A2)
  • A1 St Helier to St Aubin road: La Route de la Liberation, Esplanade, La Route de Saint Aubin, La Route de la Haule
  • A2 St Helier to Bel Royal road: Victoria Avenue
  • A3 St Helier to Gorey road: Don Road, Georgetown Road, Bagot Road, Longueville Road, La Rue à Don
  • A4 St Clement to Gorey coast road
  • A5 St Clement to Gorey inner road
  • A6 St Helier to St Martin road: Mont Millais, Bagatelle Road, La Grande Route de Saint Martin
  • A7 St Helier to St Saviour road: La Motte Street, St Saviour's Road, St Saviour's Hill
  • A8 St Helier to Trinity road: Trinity Road, Le Mont de la Trinité, La Route de la Trinité, La Rue des Croix, La Route d'Ebenezer
  • A9 St Helier to St John road: Queens Road, La Grande Route de Saint Jean, La Route des Issues
  • A10 St Lawrence main road: La Grande Route de Saint Laurent
  • A11 St Peter's valley road: La Vallée de Saint Pierre
  • A12 Beaumont to St Ouen road: La Route de Beaumont, La Grande Route de Saint Pierre, La Grande Route de Saint Ouen
  • A13 St Aubin to Red Houses road: La Mont les Vaux, La Grande Route de Saint Brelade, La Route des Genets, La Route Orange
  • A14: Rouge Bouillon
  • A15: St Clement's Road
  • A16: Commercial Buildings
  • A17: La Route du Fort


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