Road signs in India

A signboard in Kerala
"After Whiskey Driving Risky." Roadside sign in Ladakh
"If Married Divorce Speed." Ladakh

Road signs in the Republic of India are similar to those used in some parts of the United Kingdom, except that they are bilingual.

Most urban roads and state highways have signs in the state language and English. National highways have signs in the state language, Hindi and English.

In 2012, the Tourism department of Kerala announced plans to upgrade road signs in the state to include maps of nearby hospitals.[1] The Noida Authority announced plans to replace older signboards with new fluorescent signage.[2]

Mandatory signs

Mandatory signs
No Entry 
One-way traffic 
One-way traffic 
Vehicles prohibited in Both directions 
No left turn 
No right turn 
No overtaking 
Height limit 
Horn prohibited 
No parking 
No stopping 
Left turn 

Cautionary signs

Cautionary signs
Right hand curve 
Left hand curve 
Narrow bridge sign 
Narrow road sign 

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