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Two strains of "Zoogloea." Wild type is on the left. The right is a strain unable to form floc.
Two strains of Zoogloea resiniphila. Wild type is on the left. The right is a strain unable to form floc.
Scientific classification e
Domain: Bacteria
Phylum: Proteobacteria
Class: Betaproteobacteria
Order: Rhodocyclales
Boden et al. 2017 (Garrity, et al 2006)

The Rhodocyclales [1] are an order of the class Betaproteobacteria in the phylum "Proteobacteria".[2] Following a major reclassification of the class in 2017, the previously monofamilial order was split into three families:

The genus Azovibrio also falls within the order but is incertae sedis, falling between the Zoogloeaeceae and the Azonexaceae.


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