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Reina Hispanoamericana

Reina Hispanoamericana
Formation 1991
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Santa Cruz
Official language
Gloria de Limpias
Website []

Reina Hispanoamericana (Hispanic American Queen) is an annual beauty pageant celebrating Hispanic heritage, language and culture, started in 1991 as Reina Sudamericana (South American Queen), is based in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Up to 2003 the participants were restricted to the 10 countries in South America; in 2004 participants from Panama and Costa Rica in Central America were invited; and in 2006 participants from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Portugal & Spain joined. In 2007 Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras & United States were added, and the name changed to Reina Hispanoamericana. In 2008, Curaçao and Haiti were added. Recently, in 2017, the Philippines, Canada, and Australia joined the competition for the first time.

The current Reina Hispanoamericana is Teresita Ssen Marquez of the Philippines who was crowned on 4 November 2017 in Sta. Cruz, Bolivia.[1]

The pageant is organized by Promociones Gloria, based in Bolivia. More than 20 contestants participate every year.


Edition Country/Territory Reina Hispanoamericana Virreina Hispanoamericana Country/Territory Venue
1991  Brazil Patricia Godói Vivian Benítez  Paraguay Santa Cruz, Bolivia
1992  Venezuela Francis Gago Raquel Chaparro  Colombia Santa Cruz, Bolivia
1993  Ecuador Paola Vintimilla Savka Pollak  Chile Santa Cruz, Bolivia
1994  Paraguay Liliana González Solange Pastor  Venezuela Santa Cruz, Bolivia
1995  Brazil Carolina Taís Müller María Auxiliadora González  Venezuela Santa Cruz, Bolivia
1996  Bolivia Helga Bauer (Dethroned) Tonka Tomicic (new 1st runner-up)  Chile Santa Cruz, Bolivia
 Venezuela Gabriela Vergara (Successor)
1997  Venezuela Patricia Fuenmayor Verónica Larrieu  Bolivia Santa Cruz, Bolivia
1998  Bolivia Susana Barrientos Daira Lambis  Venezuela Santa Cruz, Bolivia
1999  Bolivia Jenny Vaca Paz Karen Larrea  Brazil Santa Cruz, Bolivia
2000  Venezuela Ligia Petit Natalia Figueras  Uruguay Santa Cruz, Bolivia
2001  Colombia María Rocío Stevenson Norelys Rodríguez  Venezuela Santa Cruz, Bolivia
2002  Ecuador Marcela Ruete Irene Aguilera  Bolivia Santa Cruz, Bolivia
2003  Brazil Cecília Valarini María Fernanda Tóndolo  Venezuela Santa Cruz, Bolivia
2004  Paraguay Tania Domanickzy Mónica Jaramillo  Colombia Cochabamba, Bolivia
2005  Colombia Diana Milena Cepeda Priscila Del Salto  Ecuador Cochabamba, Bolivia
2006  Brazil Francine Eickemberg Ana María Ortíz  Bolivia Santa Cruz, Bolivia
2007  Dominican Republic Massiel Taveras Jane De Sousa Borges  Brazil Santa Cruz, Bolivia
2008  Mexico Laura Zúñiga (Dethroned) Gabriela Rejala (new 1st runner-up)  Paraguay Santa Cruz, Bolivia
 Brazil Vivian Noronha (Successor)
2009  Venezuela Adriana Vasini Sandra Vinces  Ecuador Santa Cruz, Bolivia
2010  Venezuela Caroline Medina Egni Eckert  Paraguay Santa Cruz, Bolivia
2011  Curacao Evalina Van Putten María Jesús Matthei  Chile Santa Cruz, Bolivia
2012  Haiti Sarodj Bertin Juliana Sampaio  Spain Santa Cruz, Bolivia
2013  Colombia María Alejandra López Yaritza Reyes  Dominican Republic Santa Cruz, Bolivia
2014  Bolivia Romina Rocamonje Vanessa López  Mexico Santa Cruz, Bolivia
2015  Spain Sofía del Prado Laura Leticia Garcete Riveros (Dethroned)  Paraguay Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Digene Marilyn Zimmerman (new 1st runner-up)  Aruba
2016  Colombia Maria Camila Soleibe Magdalena Chiprés  Mexico Santa Cruz, Bolivia
2017  Philippines Teresita Ssen Marquez Akisha Albert  Curaçao Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Country/Territory Titles Winning Year(s)
 Venezuela 6 1992, 1996[B], 1997, 2000, 2009, 2010
 Brazil 5 1991, 1995, 2003, 2006, 2008[B]
 Bolivia 4 1996[A], 1998, 1999, 2014
 Colombia 2001, 2005, 2013, 2016
 Ecuador 2 1993, 2002
 Paraguay 1994, 2004
 Philippines 1 2017
 Spain 2015
 Haiti 2012
 Curacao 2011
 Mexico 2008[A]
 Dominican Republic 2007[A]

A Dethroned
B Took over title

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  • In 2017, more countries with Spanish heritage and cultural influence were invited to join, where Canada and the Philippines will debut.


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