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Reform Jersey

Reform Jersey
LeaderSenator Sam Mézec
ChairmanLyndsay Feltham[1]
Vice-chairmanDeputy Geoff Southern
SecretaryAnne Southern
TreasurerYann Mash
Founded2012 (registered as party on 4 July 2014)
IdeologySocial democracy[2]
Political positionCentre-left
ColoursRed & Blue
States Assembly
5 / 49

Reform Jersey is a social-democratic political party in Jersey, an island Crown dependency of the British crown. It is currently the only registered political party in Jersey.



Reform Jersey was founded in 2012 as a pressure group by Montfort Tadier, Nick Le Cornu, Jasen Cronin and Sam Mézec.[3] On 24 April 2014, Deputies Mezec and Le Cornu announced that it would become a party to contest the 2014 general election scheduled for October.[4] It was legally registered as a political party at the Royal Court on 4 July 2014.[5][6] Reform Jersey founding member Deputy Nick Le Cornu was expelled from the party in September 2014.[7]


For the 2014 general election on 15 October 2014, Reform Jersey put up eight candidates. Deputies Sam Mézec, Montfort Tadier and Geoff Southern were re-elected but none of the new Reform candidates were successful.[8]

In the 2018 general election on 16 May 2018, the party returned four deputies (including new Deputies Robert Ward and Carina Alves), with Sam Mézec gaining a senatorial seat.[9]


The party states its support for a living wage, progressive taxation, 26 weeks statutory maternity leave, construction of affordable housing, and democratic reform of the States of Jersey[10] and the parish system.[11]

Reform Jersey supported and campaigned for the legalisation of same-sex marriage[12] and organised a rally in support of equal marriage on 12 July 2014,[13][14] prior to the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Jersey on 1 July 2018.

The party's 2018 election manifesto, Working For A Fairer Island,[15] promised tax reform, grants to cover the cost of university tuition fees, a rent freeze on the social housing sector, an empty property tax, and electoral reform of the States of Jersey to introduce one type of States member elected in equal-size constituencies. It also expressed support for a universal healthcare system, free at the point of use, and promised to reduce the cost of GP visits. The manifesto also supported the conservation of Jèrriais.

The party supports environmental activism. On the 30th of April, 2019, party chairman Sam Mézec addressed a rally of local Extinction Rebellion activists in the Royal Square.[16] On 2 May 2019, during a debate in the States Assembly, Deputy Montfort Tadier called for “ecological socialism[17] in response to anthropogenic climate change.


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