Ranodip Singh Kunwar

Ranodip Singh Kunwar
Born 3 April 1825
Died 22 November 1885
Cause of death
Predecessor Jang Bahadur
Successor Bir Shamsher

Maharaja Sir Ranodip Singh Kunwar (alternatively spelled Ranaudip or Ranadip), KCSI (3 April 1825 – 22 November 1885), was the second Prime Minister of Nepal from the Rana dynasty.[1]

Deeply pious, Ranodip Singh composed several devotional hymns and was granted a personal salute of 15 guns from the British in 1883 and the title of Tung-ling-ping-ma-kuo-kang-wang (Truly Valiant Prince; commander of foot and horse) from the Guangxu Emperor in 1882.


As per the family laws of succession, Ranodip Singh succeeded his elder brother Jang Bahadur following his death in 1877.


Unsuccessful coup of 1882

Chautariya Colonel Ambar Bikram Shah (son of General H.E. Sri Chautaria Pushkar Shah) and his Gorkhali aide attempted coup d'état at Teku in January 1882. They were killed by the Ranas for their parts in the attempted assassination of Ranodip Singh.

Successful coup d'etat of 1885

Ranodip Singh was assassinated by his nephews (Khadga Shumsher, Chandra Shumsher, and Dumber Shumsher) during a coup d'état in 1885. He was succeeded by his nephew, Bir Shamsher.


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