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Rani Bilashmoni Government Boys' High School

Rani Bilasmoni Government Boys' High School
রাণী বিলাসমনি সরকারি বালক উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়
Front View of RBM High School.PNG
Railgate-Rajbari Road
Joydebpur (Gazipur)
Rajbarir Math
Coordinates 23°59′58″N 90°25′29″E / 23.9994°N 90.4247°E / 23.9994; 90.4247
Motto Come to learn & Go out to serve
Established 1905 (1905)
Opened 1905
Founder Queen Bilashmoni Devi
School board Dhaka Education Board
Authority District Commissioner is the Director
Headmaster Shahina Begum
Staff 8
Teaching staff About 54
Grades 6-10
Gender Male
Age range 13-17
Enrollment 2,000
Medium of language Bengali
Hours in school day 5 (each shift)
Campus 2
Campus size 2-3 acres
Campus type Urban
White and Navy Blue
Sports Cricket, football, badminton
Publication RBMSC Magazine (monthly)

The Rani Bilashmoni Government Boys' High School is a secondary (High) school at Gazipur, Bangladesh.


  • Rani Bilashmoni Government Boys' High School (Bengali: রাণী বিলাসমণি সরকারী বালক উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়) established in 1905. It is situated center of Gazipur Sadar and near Vhawal Rajbari. The schools was named by the queen "Rani Bilashmoni". It has passed more than 100 years. The education level started from 6th Grade up to Secondary School Certificate exam (S.S.C.).
  • The school has an exchange program with a high school in Wichita, Kansas.[1]


  • The establishment of Rani Bilashmoni Government Boys' High School has a historic background. It was a great initiative taken by Bhawal King Raja Rajendra Narayan to establish this school in 1905 after his wife’s name. Since then, by the sincere efforts of highly educated and trained Headmasters and teachers, the school has grown bigger and better. It was enlisted as a government school in April, 1981. From then onward, the achievements gained by the students of the school stunned everyone and have created new bench marks for other schools. Geographically the main school building is located on the western side of spacious and historic ‘Rajbari Maidan’. Near to it are the DC office and the District Judge Court. This clearly indicates that Rani Bilashmoni Government Boys' High School stands at the heart point of Joydebpur, Gazipur. There is a separate official building opposite to the main school building for official works like keeping accounts and storing information about the school. It also holds the Headmaster's office. The school holds classes from grade six to ten in two shifts. As it's the one of the very few government boys’ school in the whole district and especially because it is located in the main area, many parents wish their students to get admitted in this school. But unfortunately for limited seats and facilities, it wasn't possible to provide quality education to so many students previously and as such they were deprived. So the government decided to run the school in two shifts from this year for admitting more students in order to fulfill the long-felt wish of the people of Gazipur. The morning shift starts from 7:00 a.m. and runs till 12:00 p.m. The day shift begins at 12:30 p.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. About two thousand students are receiving education and acquiring academic and co-curricular skills in double shifts.


White Shirt sealed with school's own monogram, Navy Blue Pant, Tie, Full White cades, Navy Blue Sweeter. Wearing school uniform is obligatory.

Student community

Logo of RBMSC designed by its captains.png

As its first club for students community Sir Motiur Rahman suggested some of students to be active in this regard to unite all the students and opened a confederation named RBM Student Confederation. But it's inactive now. Authority is trying to get a new legacy contract.[2]


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