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RTV (Indonesian TV channel)

Rajawali Televisi
PT Metropolitan Televisindo
Logo of RTV (Rajawali Televisi, formerly B Channel) since 3 May 2014
LaunchedNovember 1, 2009 (2009-11-01) (as B Channel)
May 3, 2014 (2014-05-03)
Owned byRajawali Corpora
Picture format4:3
SloganAs B Channel
Inside Big City (2008–2009, during the trial broadcast)
B Inspired! (2009-2010)
Inspirasi Keluarga Anda (Your Family Inspiration) (2011-2012)
Inspirasi Anda (Your Inspiration) (2012-2014)
RTV Untuk Indonesia (RTV For Indonesia) (2014–2017)
Makin Cakep (Cooler) (2017-2019)
Formerly calledB Channel (2009-2014)
Ambon44 UHF
Balikpapan34 UHF
Bandar Lampung44 UHF
Bandung36 UHF
Banjarmasin48 UHF
Banyuasin52 UHF
Batam55 UHF
Bengkulu57 UHF
Cikarang61 UHF
Cirebon40 UHF
Denpasar51 UHF
Gorontalo48 UHF
Jakarta & Banten23 UHF
Jambi54 UHF
Jayapura44 UHF
Kendari60 UHF
Kupang44 UHF
Makassar59 UHF
Malang24 UHF
Manado60 UHF
First MediaChannel 22
Palapa D3863 V, 4333 3/4
TransVision (Indonesia)Channel 148
Aora TV (Indonesia)Channel 920
BiG TV (Indonesia)Channel 634
Sky Cable (Philippines)Coming Soon

Rajawali Televisi (abbreviated to RTV, previously known as the B Channel) is a national private television station in Indonesia, owned by Rajawali Corpora and Mayapada. RTV is segmented as "family television", licensed via the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission, and its frequency is coordinated through the Department of Transportation. RTV officially aired for the first time on November 1, 2009, in Jakarta as "B Channel". With its airtime starting at 3:30 am, RTV's current programs focus on entertainment, soft news, and a variety of family shows. B Channel changed its name to RTV with the launch of Langit Rajawali on May 3, 2014.

Broadcast coverage

RTV broadcasts from Greater Jakarta and surrounding areas, reaching over 23 UHF frequencies. Since April 2011, RTV is available throughout Indonesia from satellite Palapa D (previously from satellite Apstar 6). Additionally, RTV broadcasts can be watched from subscription television, including TransVision, Groovia TV, First Media, BiG TV, Aora, Skynindo and Centrin TV. This is in addition to the local TV networks in Indonesia that broadcasts RTV. Currently, RTV has a reach in 30 cities in Indonesia. Following are the cities where RTV broadcasts can be watched:[1]RTV 4 Cakep Kamis 4 Mei 2018 dan Rajawali TV 5 the Makin Cakep Jumat 3 Mei 2019-sekarang.

  1. Jakarta – 23 UHF
  2. Banten - 20 UHF
  3. Banda Aceh - 50 UHF
  4. Bogor - 34 UHF
  5. Surabaya – 38 UHF
  6. Bandung – 36 UHF
  7. Medan – 53 UHF
  8. Semarang – 56 UHF
  9. Yogyakarta – 55 UHF
  10. Denpasar – 51 UHF
  11. Banjarmasin – 48 UHF
  12. Padang – 61 UHF
  13. Pekanbaru – 40 UHF
  14. Banyuasin – 52 UHF
  15. Lampung – 44 UHF
  16. Batam – 55 UHF
  17. Cikarang – 60 UHF
  18. Cirebon – 40 UHF
  19. Malang - 24 UHF
  20. Fakfak - 31 UHF (planned)
  21. Padangsidempuan - 26 UHF (planned)

In terms of coverage, RTV is among the top TV Networks in Indonesia. It currently has 42 transmission stations in 206 cities in the country. The TV is also available on other platforms, such as pay TV, online streaming and other digital media.

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