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PureCell System

Doosan Fuel Cell 400kW fuel cell

The PureCell System is a stationary phosphoric acid fuel cell designed, manufactured and marketed by Doosan Fuel Cell America (formerly ClearEdge Power/UTC Power) of South Windsor, Connecticut. Intended for distributed generation and micro combined heat and power applications, it is considered a good match for commercial and industrial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, data centers, supermarkets and educational institutions.[1] PureCell System says that its users will see lower energy costs,[2] reduced emissions, 95% system efficiency, 10-year cell stack durability[3] and 20-year product life.[4] It utilizes a combustion-free process with natural gas and converts heat exhaust into cooling and heating, turning potential waste into usable energy.[5]


On August 17, 2011, it was announced that the PureCell Model 400 system fleet had reached 200,000 hours of field operation.[6] In September 2013, ClearEdge Power announced that its 400 kW stationary fuel cell surpassed 1,000,000 hours of field operation.[7] Today, PureCell Model 400 system fleet has over 12 million hours of field operation. [8]

ClearEdge Power’s chief operating officer Joe Triompo[9] said that PureCell System repeat customers include The Coca-Cola Company, Cox Communications,[10] and Whole Foods Market.[11]

Other customers include First National Bank of Omaha,[12] Price Chopper Supermarkets,[13] the Condé Nast Building (officially, 4 Times Square), Shaw's,[14] GS Power Co./Samsung,[15] Becker + Becker,[16] St. Helena Hospital, the World Trade Center,[17] The Octagon,[18] New Haven City Hall,[19] South Windsor High School,[20] 360 State Street,[21] Albertsons,[22] the University of Connecticut[23] Diversey, Inc.,[24] and Eastern Connecticut State University.[25]


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