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Punta Caucedo

Punta Caucedo
Punta Caucedo is located in the Dominican Republic
Punta Caucedo
Punta Caucedo
Coordinates: 18°30′N 69°59′W / 18.500°N 69.983°W / 18.500; -69.983
CountryDominican Republic
ProvinceSanto Domingo Province
 • Total17,643
Time zoneUTC-4 UTC
 • Summer (DST)UTCNone

Punta Caucedo is a small cape located in the south coast of the Dominican Republic, 15 miles (24 km) east from Santo Domingo. Las Américas International Airport is located at Punta Caucedo. It is also Sector in the city of Boca Chica in the Santo Domingo Province of the Dominican Republic.

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