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Provincial Junior Hockey League

Provincial Junior
Hockey League
Provincial JHL logo.png
Region(s)Southern Ontario
Central Ontario
Former name(s)
No. of teams64
Associated Title(s)Clarence Schmalz Cup
Recent ChampionsNapanee Raiders (1st) (2018-19)
HeadquartersCambridge, Ontario

The Provincial Junior Hockey League (PJHL) is a Canadian junior ice hockey league spanning parts of Southern Ontario. The PJHL is the third tier of the Ontario Hockey Association and is sanctioned by the Ontario Hockey Federation and Hockey Canada. The league was formed in 2016 with the merging of eight Junior C leagues. PJHL teams compete for the Clarence Schmalz Cup.


Clarence Schmalz Cup, emblematic of the Junior C championship of the Ontario Hockey Association and the PJHL.

In the works since 2014, it was announced in the spring of 2016 that the eight Junior C leagues of the Ontario Hockey Association would merge for the 2016-17 season to create the Provincial Junior Hockey League. The union was in an effort to streamline rules across the classification and to promote growth and development.[1][2]

The leagues that make up the PJHL are the former Central, Empire B, Georgian Mid-Ontario, Great Lakes, Midwestern, Niagara & District, Southern, and Western.[3][4][5] leagues that are now the eight divisions split into four conferences.

The first game in PJHL history was played on September 9, 2016 as the Walkerton Hawks hosted the Hanover Barons in Pollock Division action.[6] Walkerton won the game 6-2.[7]


North Conference
Carruthers Division
Team Centre Founded Arena
Alliston Hornets Alliston 1971 New Tecumseth Recreation Complex
Caledon Golden Hawks Caledon 2010 Caledon East Arena
Huntsville Otters Huntsville 1990 Canada Summit Centre
Midland Flyers Midland 1978 North Simcoe Sports & Recreation Centre
Orillia Terriers Orillia 2013 West Orillia Sports Complex
Penetang Kings Penetanguishene 1977 Penetanguishene Memorial Community Centre
Schomberg Cougars Schomberg 1969 Trisan Centre
Stayner Siskins Stayner 1972 Stayner Memorial Arena
Pollock Division
Team Centre Founded Arena
Goderich Flyers Goderich 2003 Goderich & District Community Centre
Hanover Barons Hanover 1964 P&H Centre
Kincardine Bulldogs Kincardine 1994 Davidson Centre Arena
Mitchell Hawks Mitchell 1966 Mitchell & District Arena
Mount Forest Patriots Mount Forest 1987 Mount Forest & District Community Centre
Walkerton Hawks Walkerton 1976 Walkerton Community Centre
Wingham Ironmen Wingham 1975 North Huron Wescast Community Complex
South Conference
Doherty Division
Team Centre Founded Arena
Ayr Centennials Ayr 1983 North Dumfries Community Centre
Burford Bulldogs Burford 1988 Burford Arena & Community Centre
Delhi Travellers Delhi 1967 Delhi Community Arena
New Hamburg Firebirds New Hamburg 1953 Wilmot Township Arena
Norwich Merchants Norwich 1968 Norwich Community Center
Paris Mounties Paris 1985 Brant Sports Complex
Tavistock Braves Tavistock 1970 Tavistock & District Recreation Centre
Wellesley Applejacks Wellesley 1987 Wellesley Arena
Woodstock Navy-Vets Woodstock 1966 Woodstock District Community Complex
Bloomfield Division
Team Centre Founded Arena
Dundas Blues Dundas 1963 J.L.Grightmire Arena
Dunnville Jr. Mudcats Dunnville 1974 Dunnville Memorial Arena
Glanbrook Rangers Glanbrook 1975 Glanbrook Arena
Grimsby Peach Kings Grimsby 1922 Peach King Centre
Hagersville Hawks Hagersville 1992 Hagersville Memorial Arena
Hespeler Shamrocks Hespeler 1959 Hespeler Memorial Arena
Niagara Riverhawks Chippawa 1987 Gale Centre
Port Dover Sailors Port Dover 1988 Port Dover & Area Arena
East Conference
Orr Division
Team Centre Founded Arena
Clarington Eagles Clarington 2011 Garnet B. Rickard Recreation Complex
Georgina Ice Keswick 1994 Georgina Ice Palace
Lakefield Chiefs Lakefield 1980 Lakefield-Smith Community Centre
Little Britain Merchants Little Britain 1978 Little Britain Community Centre
North Kawartha Knights Apsley 2014 North Kawartha Community Centre
Port Perry Mojacks Port Perry 1972 Scugog Arena
Uxbridge Bruins Uxbridge 1975 Uxbridge Arena and Recreation Centre
Tod Division
Team Centre Founded Arena
Amherstview Jets Amherstview 1989 W J Henderson Recreation Centre
Campbellford Rebels Campbellford 1992 Campbellford-Seymour Arena
Gananoque Islanders Gananoque 1972 Gananoque Recreation Centre
Napanee Raiders Napanee 1989 Strathcona Paper Centre
Picton Pirates Picton 1989 Prince Edward Community Centre
Port Hope Panthers Port Hope 2004 Jack Burger Sports Complex
West Conference
Stobbs Division
Team Centre Founded Arena
Amherstburg Admirals Amherstburg 1987 Libro Centre
Blenheim Blades Blenheim 1968 Blenheim Community & Recreation Centre
Dresden Jr. Kings Dresden 1959 Lambton-Kent Memorial Arena
Essex 73's Essex 1973 Essex Centre Sports Complex
Lakeshore Canadiens Belle River 1978 Atlas Tube Centre
Mooretown Flags Mooretown 1971 Mooretown Sports Complex
Petrolia Flyers Petrolia 1988 Greenwood Recreation Centre
Wallaceburg ThunderHawks Wallaceburg 1972 Wallaceburg Memorial Arena
Wheatley Sharks Wheatley 1995 Wheatley Area Arena
Yeck Division
Team Centre Founded Arena
Aylmer Spitfires Aylmer 1974 East Elgin Community Complex
Dorchester Dolphins Dorchester 2012 The Flight Exec Centre
Exeter Hawks Exeter 1961 South Huron Recreation Centre
Lambeth Lancers Lambeth 1987 Lambeth Arena
Lucan Irish Lucan 1968 Lucan Community Memorial Centre
Mount Brydges Bulldogs Mount Brydges 1975 Tri-Township Arena
North Middlesex Stars Parkhill 1993 North Middlesex Arena
Port Stanley Sailors Port Stanley 1969 Port Stanley Arena
Thamesford Trojans Thamesford 1976 Thamesford Area Recreation Centre

Regular Season Champions

Bolded is overall PJHL season champion based on win percentage.

East North South West
Season Orr Pct Tod Pct Carruthers Pct Pollock Pct Doherty Pct Bloomfield Pct Stobbs Pct Yeck Pct
2016-17 Lakefield .805 Port Hope .910 Stayner .929 Walkerton .819 Ayr .925 Grimsby .869 Lakeshore .788 Dorchester .988
2017-18 Lakefield .854 Napanee .938 Stayner .952 Mount Forest .800 Ayr .825 Glanbrook .917 Lakeshore .738 Lambeth .872
2018-19 Uxbridge .810 Napanee .886 Stayner .791 Mount Forest .774 Tavistock .838 Glanbrook .881 Essex .788 Dorchester .775
2019-20 Clarington .726 Napanee .859 Alliston .857 Mount Forest .810 Tavistock .800 Grimsby .774 Lakeshore .900 Thamesford .714

Playoff Division and Conference Champions

Listed are Division playoff champions. Bolded are also Conference playoff champions.

East North South West
Season Orr Tod Carruthers Pollock Doherty Bloomfield Stobbs Yeck
2017 Lakefield Port Hope Alliston Mount Forest Ayr Grimsby Essex Dorchester
2018 Lakefield Port Hope Stayner Mount Forest Tavistock Glanbrook Lakeshore Lambeth
2019 Uxbridge Napanee Alliston Mount Forest Wellesley Grimsby Lakeshore Exeter
2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak

League Championship Series

Bolded is winner of Clarence Schmalz Cup as PJHL and OHA champion.

Season North/East champion South/West champion Series (Best of 7) Scores
2017 Port Hope Panthers Ayr Centennials 2-4 8-1, 4-1, 2-4, 1-3, 1-4, 3-6
2018 Lakefield Chiefs Glanbrook Rangers 4-1 2-1 OT, 2-3, 4-3 OT, 5-2, 4-0
2019 Napanee Raiders Grimsby Peach Kings 4-1 2-0, 2-3, 3-1, 4-1, 3-1
2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak

2020 Schmalz Cup Playoffs

Division Quarterfinals Division Semifinals Division Finals Conference Finals Semifinals Schmalz Cup
O1 Clarington
O1 Clarington 4
O5 Uxbridge 2
O4 Little Britain 1
O5 Uxbridge 2
O1 Clarington 0
O2 North Kawartha 3
O2 North Kawartha
O2 North Kawartha 4
O3 Lakefield 3
O3 Lakefield
T1 Napanee
T1 Napanee 4
T4 Gananoque 0
T4 Gananoque
T1 Napanee 2
T2 Picton 0
T2 Picton
T2 Picton 4
T3 Amherstview 0
T3 Amherstview
C1 Alliston 4
C8 Huntsville 0
C1 Alliston 4
C4 Penetang 3
C4 Penetang 4
C5 Caledon 0
C1 Alliston 1
C2 Stayner 0
C2 Stayner 4
C7 Midland 1
C2 Stayner 4
C3 Orillia 2
C3 Orillia 4
C6 Schomberg 3
P1 Mount Forest
P1 Mount Forest 4
P5 Mitchell 3
P4 Hanover 0
P5 Mitchell 4
P1 Mount Forest 1
P2 Wingham 1
P2 Wingham 4
P7 Walkerton 0
P2 Wingham 4
P3 Kincardine 0
P3 Kincardine 4
P6 Goderich 1
B1 Grimsby 4
B8 Dunnville 0
B1 Grimsby 4
B5 Hespeler 0
B4 Dundas 1
B5 Hespeler 4
B1 Grimsby 2
B3 Glanbrook 2
B2 Hagersville 4
B7 Port Dover 0
B2 Hagersville 0
B3 Glanbrook 4
B3 Glanbrook 4
B6 Niagara 1
D1 Tavistock 4
D8 Burford 0
D1 Tavistock 4
D4 Woodstock 0
D4 Woodstock 4
D5 Paris 3
D1 Tavistock 1
D2 Wellesley 1
D2 Wellesley 4
D7 New Hamburg 2
D2 Wellesley 4
D3 Ayr 2
D3 Ayr 4
D6 Norwich 1
S1 Lakeshore 4
S8 Blenheim 0
S1 Lakeshore 4
S4 Essex 1
S4 Essex 4
S5 Wheatley 2
S1 Lakeshore
S2 Mooretown
S2 Mooretown 4
S7 Dresden 0
S2 Mooretown 4
S3 Amherstburg 0
S3 Amherstburg 4
S6 Petrolia 3
Y1 Thamesford 4
Y8 Port Stanley 0
Y1 Thamesford 4
Y4 Dorchester 1
Y4 Dorchester 4
Y5 North Middlesex 0
Y1 Thamesford
Y2 Exeter
Y2 Exeter 4
Y7 Lucan 0
Y2 Exeter 4
Y3 Mount Brydges 1
Y3 Mount Brydges 4
Y6 Aylmer 1


Individual Season

Single Game



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