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Pratury Trirumala Rao

Pratury Trirumala Rao
Born Andhra Pradesh, India
Died 1997
Occupation Pediatrician
Known for Pediatrics
Children Lakshmi Pratury
Awards Padma Bhushan

Pratury Trirumala Rao (died 1997) was an Indian pediatrician and a writer of medical and non-fiction literature.[1][2] He was a professor of pediatrics at the Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad.[3] He was the author of two books on pediatric medicine in English, The insulin requirements of children with diabetes mellitus maintained in good control[4] and Pediatric Problems in Developing Countries[5]), two books in Telugu Gāndhījītō paricayaṃ[6] and Gadacina Rojulu[7]) and two biographical accounts (Living as a Doctor, published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan)[8] and (Glimpses of American Life, published by the Cultural Renaissance Society of India).[9] The Government of India awarded him the third highest civilian honour of the Padma Bhushan, in 1988, for his contributions to medical science.[10] He died in 1997, survived by his daughter, Lakshmi Pratury, a US-based social worker.[11] A yoga institute in Hyderabad, Padma Bushan DRP Tirumala Rao Institute of Yoga is named after him.[12]


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