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Germany is one of the world's most industrialised countries, located in the center of Europe. It is bordered to the north by the North Sea, Denmark, and the Baltic Sea, to the south by Austria and Switzerland, to the west by France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, and to the east by Poland and the Czech Republic.

Germany is a democratic federal parliamentary republic, containing 16 federal-states (Bundesländer), which in certain spheres act independently of the Federation or "Bund".

The Federal Republic of Germany is a member state of the United Nations, NATO, the G8 nations, and a founding member of the European Union. More...

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Referendum for the Anschluss

The Anschluss, also known as the Anschluss Österreichs (literally meaning connection, or political union) was the 1938 incorporation of Austria in "Greater Germany" under the Nazi Regime.

The events of March 12, 1938 were the first major step in Hitler's long-desired expansion of the Third Reich, preceding the inclusion of the Sudetenland later in 1938 and the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1939, and finally leading to the Second World War with Nazi Germany's assault on Poland.

Although the Wehrmacht entered into Austria to enforce the Anschluss, no fighting took place, in part because of prior political pressure exerted by Germany, but primarily because of the well-planned internal overthrow by the Austrian Nazi Party of Austria's state institutions in Vienna on March 11, the day before German troops marched across the border. More...

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Germany champions 2014 FIFA World Cup

More Germany-related news in English can be found at Deutsche Welle, Tagesschau, and Der Spiegel.

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